Amsterdam’s Innovative Advertising Spheres: A Spotlight on Dutch Creativity

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is more than just an idyllic tourist destination. It’s the home to a significant number of industry game-changers, especially within the field of Advertising. Renowned for its creative environment and favorable business climate, Amsterdam houses many startups and companies that are altering the face of today’s advertising industry. In this article, we’ll take a close look at several notable companies located in the city, detailing their unique contributions to the industry and providing insight into their operations.

With the advent of digitalization and the increasing influence of social media, advertising has transformed from a traditionally outbound-oriented approach to a dynamically interactive venture. Companies have to constantly innovate to stay relevant in an environment where creative content is king. With this evolution, Amsterdam has grown into a hotspot for thriving advertising agencies. These companies are not only shaping the future of marketing but also contributing significantly to the local and global economy.

From brand marketing, digital media, ad retargeting, social recruiting to facilitating transactions in affiliate marketing, these Amsterdam-based companies are leveraging the tools of the digital age to redefine their operations and impact. In this article, we explore these companies in detail, providing insight into their unique services and the dynamic individuals behind their initiation.


Focused on providing innovative solutions for brand management, Bynder offers software that enables users to create, find, and use content easily. Their interactive marketing platform has proven valuable to over 1.7 million professionals globally. By automating the production, review, and approval of marketing collateral, Bynder facilitates brand consistency and faster market reach. The company was founded in 2013 by Chris Hall, now with a global presence. Facebook| LinkedIn | Twitter


Aiming to revolutionize job recruitments, Wonderkind breaks free from traditional job boards and uses internet-based advertising to reach active and passive job seekers. Its cutting-edge campaign strategies and dynamic content development claim to ensure the acquisition of ideal candidates only. The company was founded by Lars Wetemans and Laurent Scholten. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Specializing in personalized online videos, Storyteq applies data to ensure that its videos correspond to the unique profile of each viewer or target audience. With Storyteq, advertising becomes more personalized and impactful. The company was founded by Guido Derkx and Lennard Kooy. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Founded by DJ/Producer Sam Feldt, Nick Velten, and Sam Renders, Fangage is all about facilitating meaningful connections between users and their fans. Addressing the need for direct engagements, Fangage offers platforms for top artists, influencers, and brands to communicate and interact with their fans more purposefully. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Attrace uses blockchain technology to revolutionize affiliate marketing. Its unique system creates a smart contract for every individual click or referral, sales or not, making a regulating Affiliate Network unnecessary. The company was founded by Erwin Werring, Marius Jansen, and Roeland Werring. LinkedIn

The Cirqle

Connecting influencers with leading brands, The Cirqle provides an ROI-driven influencer marketing platform. The technology respects the delicate balance of art and science and offers creative solutions beyond standard social posts. The Cirqle was founded by Steven Lammertink. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Providing a platform for domain name transactions, Undeveloped simplifies the process of acquiring domain names. Buyers can directly connect with sellers for domain names listed for sale, resulting in a hassle-free transaction process. Undeveloped was founded by Ali Sardeha and Dominic Matheron. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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Written by Mark Smith

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