Atlanta’s Top Advertising Companies Revolutionizing the Shopping Industry Worldwide

As one of the top commercial hubs in the United States, Atlanta, Georgia is home to a slew of innovative and influential companies operating in the advertising industry. These companies utilize groundbreaking technologies, creative ideas, and strategic insights to shape today’s dynamic advertising landscape. In this article, we bring attention to some of these remarkable organizations, taking a deep dive into their history, offerings, and contributions to the sector.

From pioneer giants like Cox Enterprises to burgeoning startups such as CallRail, these companies represent a diverse cross-section of the industry. Whether it is through broadcasting, digital media, analytics, social media marketing, or marketing automation, they strive to elevate the standards of advertising and marketing, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

In an era where information is paramount, these companies do not just create adverts, they also drive intelligent marketing and business strategies, offering invaluable insights about market trends, customer behaviour, and campaign effectiveness. Now, join us as we explore the impact of these businesses on the world of advertising.

Cox Enterprises

Founded by James Cox, Cox Enterprises is a communications, media, and automotive services powerhouse with an impressive revenue of $18 billion. With a sprawling workforce of approximately 60,000 employees, the company boasts of major operating subsidiaries such as Cox Communications, Cox Automotive, and Cox Media Group. All of these entities collectively contribute to making Cox Enterprises a renowned name in the advertising industry. Their stellar national brands include Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, and Manheim. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.


CallRail, established by Andy Powell and Kevin Mann, offers businesses a phone call tracking and analytics platform to gain insight on the performance of their marketing campaigns. It empowers data-driven marketers to increase sales effectiveness and improve customer retention. Get more information about CallRail on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Doing Things Media…

Doing Things Media, under the leadership of Reid Hailey, owns and operates over 20 of the most culturally relevant brands on social media… Facebook,

Written by Mark Smith

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