Burlingame’s Premier Advertising Companies Revolutionizing Shopping Industry

In the bustling hub of Burlingame, California, a myriad of trailblazing companies in the advertising industry are making waves and shaping the future of marketing. From the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data into advertising platforms to streamlining mobile app publication and much more, these Burlingame-based businesses are on the cutting edge of their sectors. This article introduces you to these remarkable companies and provides insight into their operations.


Boostinsider, founded by Chen Wang and Heidi Yu, is a leading influencer marketing intelligence platform. It offers data-driven insights into influencer campaigns on social media platforms including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Moreover, Boostinsider has developed several AI-based tools to optimize influencer marketing campaigns drastically. This innovatively blends AI, Big Data, and Advertising on a platform that has worked with over 300 brands, including heavyweights like Alibaba, Cheetah Mobile, and FitTea.


Co-founded by Irina Kuznetsova and Rafael Soultanov, iBuildApp makes mobile app building accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Their platform has been instrumental for businesses looking to establish or optimize their mobile presence by building their mobile apps. Key features of iBuildApp’s platform include Mobile Commerce, Mobile Advertising Management, and Social Networking Tools.


More information about Lahlouh‘s activities in the Advertising, Consulting, Human Resources and Marketing industry can be found on their website.


While the details about Acceligize‘s operations in the Advertising, B2B, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Management Consulting industry are sparse, you can find more information on their website.


Founded by Silvian Centiu, Transiris offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from brand strategy and advertising to website development, analytics, and CRM platforms. Their approach to integrating multiple dynamic sectors underlines their inclusive strategy to provide robust solutions to their clients.

Innowave Marketing Group

Details about Innowave Marketing Group’s operations in the Advertising, Loyalty Programs, Marketing, and Marketplace sector can be found on their website.


Co-founded by Carter Hostelley, Leadtail is an advertising and social marketing agency that specializes in working with B2B companies to implement successful social media strategies and programs. They offer proprietary social insights technology for data analysis, providing valuable viewpoint about different market audiences.

For more information about’s activities in the Advertising, Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Software industry, visit their website.

Red Cube

Red Cube, founded by Pingo Wu, has set itself apart by providing a cross-border one-stop-shop for branding, design, video, advertising, and e-commerce services. They have developed a reputation for delivering creative solutions backed by extensive market knowledge and brand strategy expertise.

Lunghi Media Group

Founded by Laura Roach, Lunghi Media Group specializes in marketing luxurious real estate venues, providing essential services such as photography, videography, website development, and promotional services.

NOLA Marketing, LLC

NOLA Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that serves companies of all sizes, delivering marketing services that attract and retain customers. From startups to Fortune 500 corporations, NOLA Marketing has crafted bespoke marketing strategies and sales tools for a variety of businesses.

Written by Mark Smith

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