Exploring Advertising Giants With Headquarters in Gardena, California

Gardena, a thriving city located in Los Angeles County, California, serves as home to many businesses from various sectors. Among these, several advertising industry companies have particularly marked their presence. From branding and digital marketing to graphic design and retail technology, these businesses cater to a wide range of needs. They not only help boost other businesses’ visibility but also contribute significantly to the economy of Gardena and the broader Californian landscape. In this article, we continue our series dedicated to highlighting the firms that shape Gardena’s dynamic business ecosystem, this time focusing on those playing in the advertising industry.

Apollo USA

Apollo USA specializes in advertising, consumer goods, graphic design, manufacturing, packaging services, and printing. They have crafted a niche for themselves as one-stop solution providers. From conceptualizing to manufacturing and distributing goods, Apollo ensures cohesive and efficient service for consumer goods companies. You can follow them on Facebook or check out their LinkedIn page for updates.

Presentation Media

Continuing the journey, we have Presentation Media that caters to advertising, graphic design, and presentations. Renowned for their creativity and understanding client’s needs, they have a significant track record. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn, and their Twitter handle is @pmicreative.

The Lab Fabrication

The Lab Fabrication offers advertising, environmental consulting, graphic design, and marketing services. Their distinct holistic approach to projects has garnered client respect. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Your Actualized Visions

Your Actualized Visions specializes in advertising, social media, and web design, helping brands reach their maximum potential through effective and creative strategies. Follow them on Facebook and their Twitter handle is @ActualizedVisio.

Spur Digital

Spur Digital operates in the domain of advertising, analytics, digital marketing, lead generation, and SEO. They focus on creating dynamic, innovative digital marketing strategies that drive enterprise growth.


Foundry is a hub for advertising, brand marketing, e-commerce, retail technology, and web development. They work closely with clients to craft successful brand stories. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and their Twitter handle is @foundrybsg

Bread Loaf

Bread Loaf, specializing in advertising and marketing, guarantees outcomes that are anything but ‘half-baked’. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more about their endeavors.

Cliff Digital

Cliff Digital offers advertising, graphic design, and trade shows related services. Their niche is providing impactful visibility solutions at large public gatherings. Follow them on Facebook. Their Twitter handle is @Cliffdig.


NetOrbis, founded by Rahul Uppal, is a marketing platform that helps organizations and professionals build their online presence. They serve small- and mid-sized organizations, independent professionals, and students. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and their Twitter handle is @netorbis.


Mobile-worx, founded by Terry Uppal, is a mobile solutions company delivering mobile content and advertising related products. It is renowned for its product portfolio, which includes ZestADZ, FriendR, and ToExpense. Check out their LinkedIn page.

These are the firms that drive Gardena’s advertising industry forward, providing businesses and individuals with inventive communication solutions. Each of them embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Gardena and contributes uniquely to the city’s vibrant business community.

Written by Mark Smith

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