Exploring Basingstoke’s Proactive Advertising Agencies Impacting Retail Trends

In the bustling city of Basingstoke, Hampshire, the advertising industry is thriving with companies offering a variety of services, from big data solutions to innovative marketing strategies. Basingstoke is home to several industry leaders that pride themselves on forward-thinking, result-oriented strategies. Here, we spotlight outstanding companies that have established their headquarters within this vibrant city.

These companies, driven by their passionate founders, have made considerable strides in their respective industries. From big data to augmented reality, they have leveraged the power of technology to change the face of advertising. Let’s delve into more information about these market movers.

By leveraging diverse approaches, these firms have managed to stand out in the dynamic world of advertising. They have continued to push boundaries, establish significant relationships, and consistently deliver on customer expectations. Now, onto our spotlight features.


Established in 2016 by Nick Halstead, InfoSum is an advertising company that has developed a decentralized platform designed to eliminate trust barriers between progress and privacy. They enable collaboration across multiple data sources without moving or pooling the underlying data. Follow them on @infosum, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

ADS Reality Ltd

ZAPGEM, founded by Prajay Kamat and Richard Corps, brands and retailers to engage consumers through their mobile devices. Known as ADS Reality, the firm specializes in recognition technology and Augmented Reality. Check them out on @nrfnews, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Privately held company Etch, founded by Thomas Frame, creates, builds and markets human-centred digital products and experiences. Follow them on @EtchUK, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Purple Agency

Purple Agency is a prominent figure in the Advertising and Marketing industry. Check out their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


CampaignHero is balancing the playing field in the Advertising and Marketing sphere. You can check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Focusing on content protection, viewer engagement and video analytics, KrunchLabs provides a video hosting service for internet marketers and online businesses.

Emerald Colour

Emerald Colour is a full-service digital design agency, creating solutions with user experience at its core. Follow them on @EmeraldColour, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Cash Cow Marketing

With a focus on the advertising, B2B, and marketing industries, Cash Cow Marketing’s unique strategies can be explored further on LinkedIn.

The Reseller Network

Founded by Grant Ward, The Reseller Network operates within the advertising, local advertising, and marketing industries. You can learn more about them on @resellernetwork, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Adare International

Adare International bridges brands with their customers in our multi-channel world. Stay updated with them on @AdareInt, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Snap Marketing

One-stop-shop for all your marketing needs, Snap Marketing offers effective marketing solutions built on great design and strategic planning. Follow their updates on @snap_marketing, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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