Exploring Berlin’s Innovative Advertising Companies: A Retail Industry Perspective

When it comes to digital advancements and innovations, Germany serves as a hotbed for some of the leading companies in the advertising industry. In particular, the bustling city of Berlin has become a hub of technology and digital services. This article singles out companies whose business extends to advertising, and who have carved out a substantial space for themselves within the industry. These companies have proved time and again their skill and experience in harnessing the power of digital media to deliver top-of-the-line services.

The companies under review vary in size, structure, and strategic approach, but are united in their core mission: to provide top-tier advertising services both domestically and to a global market. Each company has its distinct approach, lending a unique flavour to the advertising scene in Berlin. They share the city as their headquarters, but their impact reverberates far beyond the borders of the German capital.

These companies have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of advertising in Berlin and the larger Germany. They have succeeded in building an ecosystem that continues to attract the best talents, foster innovation, and drive growth. Let’s take a closer look at these companies and their contributions to the evolving narrative of the advertising industry.

Axel Springer

Axel Springer is a media company that specializes in advertising, digital media, marketing, news, and publishing. It was established in 1946 by Axel Springer and is now active in over 40 countries. The company continues to lead in the digitization process, with major investments in the digital start-ups niche. Axel Springer’s growing digital portfolio positions it as a frontrunner in digital publishing. Find Axel Springer on @axelspringer, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Fyber – A Digital Turbine Company

Fyber is a segment of Digital Turbine dedicated to crafting inventive ad monetization solutions employed by top app and mobile game publishers. Founded by Andreas Bodczek, Jan Beckers, and Janis Zech, Fyber’s product suite delivers high performance, scale, and transparency. Connect with Fyber on @Fyber, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Compado, founded in 2016 by Emanuel Hoch and Andreas Hoogendijk, offers Contextual Advertising and Content Monetization to consumer brands and publishers. Operating with Machine Learning and AI, Compado manages to identify and convert purchase-motivated audiences with contextual advertising. Check out their LinkedIn page for more about Compado.


WeQ stands out as international mobile ad tech experts. Led by Markus Malti, Olga Wese, Orietta Mendez, and Sven Lubek, WeQ leverages modern technology to facilitate customer engagement and acquisition. Follow WeQ on @WeQ_Global, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Crealytics is a progressive performance marketing agency developed by Andreas Reiffen and Christof König. Operating exclusively in the retail sector, Crealytics bridges the divide between marketing, merchandising, and pricing policy to maximize profitability and customer lifetime value. Connect with Crealytics on @crealytics, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


alphin, founded by David Bläsing, Dominik Campanella, Lukas Krieger, and Mario Geiss, is Europe’s leading marketing platform for local businesses. Offering easy and affordable software solutions, alphin helps local businesses to centralize and automate their customer lifecycle management. Connect with alphin on Facebook and LinkedIn.


OptioPay offers an open banking solution for various businesses without the need for IT integration. Founded by Marcus Borner, Mike Rötgers, Moritz Claussen, and Oliver Neumann, OptioPay allows users to save time and money through exclusive cashbacks, contract optimization, and personalized recommendations. You can find more about OptioPay on @optiopay, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Kayzen, founded by Tim Koschella, is a software platform that provides in-house programmatic user acquisition, retargeting, and funnel campaigns. This platform helps entrepreneurs, agencies, and leading app developers to upscale mobile video, playable/MRAID, native, and banner ad campaigns. Follow Kayzen on LinkedIn to stay updated.


Remerge is an app-to-app retargeting solution built from the ground up. Founded by Benedikt Bohm, Benjamin Beivers, Christian Walter, and Martin Karlsch, Remerge strives to cement a strong team culture while providing top-notch ad tech solutions. Find more about them on @remergeio, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Carmudi, founded by Erwin Sikma, Fritz Simons, and Stefan Haubold, is a vehicle marketplace for cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. It provides a platform for users to engage directly with sellers, ensuring a seamless buying experience. Stay updated with Carmudi on @carmudiae, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Cornelius Frey, Max Meran, and Pia Frey, Opinary offers users an innovative way to share their opinions in online content. The startup aids publishers in engaging and monetizing their audience, while brands can capture attention, create conversions, and generate insights. Stay in touch with Opinary on @opinary, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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