Exploring Beverly Hills’ Top Advertising Companies: Innovation & Strategy

Home to numerous notable advertising firms, Beverly Hills is the epicenter for many brands and content creators alike. Known for its luxury and extravagance, the city provides a unique environment – a glittering landscape where creativity, innovativeness, and boldness are amicably embraced. From renowned talent agencies to budding tech startups, Beverly Hills’ diverse advertising ecosystem continues to thrive while redefining the conventional advertising norms. This article offers an overview of some of Beverly Hills’ remarkable advertising companies and their contributions to the industry.


WME is a formidable name in the world of talent representation, delivering tailored marketing solutions and investing in innovative digital media ventures. The brainchild of Ariel Emanuel, WME has expanded its tentacles across different locations including Beverly Hills, New York, Nashville, London, and Miami, representing titans in various entertainment sectors. Connecting with audiences on a global scale, WME uses innovative social media, gaming platforms, and mobile solutions to amplify their clients’ voice.

Ownzones Entertainment Technology

OWNZONES Media Network (OMN), founded by Dan Goman, is a trailblazer in the realm of video content and distribution solutions. Offering new revenue opportunities, OWNZONES dedicates itself to facilitating content owners’ entrance into the OTT market by offering a full-service, customisable global business solution. By merging expertise with a profound understanding of the digital domain, the firm delivers effective 21st-century audience-driven digital strategies.


Creativity, originality, and reach are three words that best describe Studio71. Founded by Dan Weinstein, Michael Green, and Reza Izad, this global media company takes pride in producing and distributing premium content across YouTube, social media platforms, and Connected TVs. Studio71’s exceptional work is not only resonating with audiences but also redefining digital content creation and distribution.

Social Native

Co-founded by Ankur Bulsara, David Duel, David Shadpour, and Eytan Elbaz, Social Native rests at the forefront of technology, pioneering a unique platform where customised branded content is made possible. This one-stop-shop allows users to connect with brand-aligned creators, establishing a new paradigm in today’s content marketplace.

ARHT Media

ARHT Media is truly reimagining the advertising world by creating interactive experiences through human holograms. Founded by Rene Bharti, ARHT Media gives rise to immersive shows, concerts, keynotes, product presentations, and even interactions with high-profile personalities, all driven by groundbreaking holographic technology.

Sports Gambling Guides

Converging sports with the world of gambling, Sports Gambling Guides provides expert research and advice on betting. This one-of-a-kind firm is changing perceptions about sports betting, delivering accurate insights and intelligent solutions for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike.


Offering a digital edge in marketing, Adly, co-founded by Brian Norgard, Dan Gould, and Sean Rad, presents effective tools to boost engagement and generate earned media using data-driven audience targeting. Adly takes pride in its celebrity-driven activations and partnerships with major brands, solidifying its position in the industry.

Channel Factory

Commanding a powerful presence in the YouTube and social video advertising landscape, Channel Factory created by Tony Chen, leverages the industry’s leading marketing analytics solution. The company utilises its unique database and software, IQ, to provide advertisers with unique insights, brand safety, and predictive analytics.

Fox Interactive Media

Established by Abhishek Kohli and Travis Katz, Fox Interactive Media (FIM) serves as a network of companies operating in various media sectors. FIM’s reach extends beyond traditional media, and its influence over information services is a testament to its dynamic and adaptive nature.


Through cutting-edge local advertising and digital marketing solutions, JUMPPapp, founded by Joshua Cohen, assists businesses in boosting their online visibility. JUMPPapp’s sophisticated SEO technologies identify potent keywords assisting businesses to appear on Google’s first page, thereby nurturing their online growth.

Latin World Entertainment

The final company on our list, Latin World Entertainment, co-founded by Luis Balaguer and Sofia Vergara, offers unique avenues for advertising by focusing on the Latin marketplace. It serves to connect, engage and promote the Latino community in the United States and beyond, bridging cultural gaps through vibrant and engaging content hosted on its website.

In conclusion, each of these Beverly Hills advertising firms excels in converging creativity and technology to create unique and personalised content. Their innovative approaches set them apart in the buoyant advertising industry, significantly contributing to its growth and evolution. Indeed, Beverly Hills’ vibrant advertising landscape is an ode to constant growth and innovation.

Written by Mark Smith

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