Exploring Covina’s Noteworthy Advertising Giants: Unveiling Success in Shopping Business

The vibrant city of Covina, California is home to a raft of professionals and companies operating within the advertising industry. With an impressive variety of specialties that include content creation, digital marketing, graphic design, B2B messaging, and public relations, these firms use their diversity and experience to serve local, national, and international clients. This article spotlights several of the outstanding advertising companies based in Covina, providing an overview of the services they offer and a glimpse into what has made them successful.

Covina’s advertising sector is robust and diverse, reflecting the city’s energetic business landscape. From enterprises that focus on enterprise software and e-commerce to those that specialize in event marketing, security, and liquor display installation, these firms demonstrate the versatility and creativity of Covina’s business community. Some of these companies, while firmly rooted in Covina, have a reach that extends well beyond the city limits, successfully navigating the demands and opportunities of the global marketplace.

The following companies are considered some of the luminaries in Covina’s advertising industry. Though different in their approaches and areas of expertise, all are united by a commitment to innovative solutions and client satisfaction. This profile series provides an introduction to each firm, exploring their unique offerings, their founders, and the ways they contribute to Covina’s thriving advertising scene.

Med Aesthetics Group

Founded by Henry Camacho, Med Aesthetics Group is an advertising powerhouse with a special focus on medical spas, dermatology and surgery facilities. As an online marketing platform, they help these medical institutions run effective online marketing campaigns. Their prowess spans across advertising, content, digital marketing, e-commerce, and enterprise software. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Spencer Communications

Under the leadership of Susan Spencer, Spencer Communications offers a comprehensive suite of services that include content creation, storytelling and marketing planning. Their PR planning and review, story development and media relations are highly sought after. Get more information on their LinkedIn page.

The Processors Mailing

Focusing on advertising, email marketing, graphic design, and printing, The Processors Mailing, founded by Tony Perone, offers unique, tracking methods for standard mail. Other services include pre-press, digital printing and complete mail addressing. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.

Security Dealer Marketing

With over 5 years devoted to the Security Industry, SD Marketing led by David Morgan, is a trusted name in the advertising sector. With a monthly column in SDM Magazine, and speaker invites around the US, SD Marketing is quite active in the industry. Explore their LinkedIn Page.

Quality Sign and Marquee

As a liquor display installation company, Quality Sign and Marquee offer an impressive menu of services, including warehousing, assembling and marketing. For more, visit their LinkedIn page.


Advertising firm 789 offers a range of services in brand marketing, digital media, public relations, social media marketing, and web design. Get connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Pushing boundaries in the advertising field, KNIGHTSBRIDGE Industries emphasizes innovation management and marketing. Visit their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Solutions & More

Specializing in advertising, marketing, and printing, Solutions & More certainly lives up to its name. They can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Redefine Marketing Group

At Redefine Marketing Group, the commitment is to provide the attention clients deserve without the steep overhead costs agencies are notorious for. Reach out to them on Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Unique Printing

Unique Printing, offering advertising, graphic design, outdoor advertising and printing services, has a firm footing in Covina’s advertising industry. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Client Converter

Operating in the advertising, digital marketing, and professional services field, Client Converter is another standout name based in West Covina. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

The Covina-based companies highlighted here represent various facets of the advertising industry, displaying an impressive depth and range of expertise. From traditional printing services to cutting-edge digital marketing, these firms are helping to shape a dynamic and innovative advertising landscape not just locally, but also nationally and internationally.

Written by Mark Smith

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