Exploring Futian’s Pioneering Advertisers: Guangdong’s Advertising Industry Magnates

Welcome to the vibrant world of advertising stationed in the thriving city of Futian, Guangdong, China. Here, we’re taking a deep dive into some of the most prolific advertising companies making waves in the industry. These companies are not only shaping the advertising landscape in China but also globally, leveraging new-age technologies like social media marketing, digital media, ecommerce, and digital marketing among others. Let’s embark on this exciting journey and explore these high-tech advertising companies headquartered in Futian, Guangdong.

The city of Futian is well recognized as a powerhouse of the advertising industry. The companies headquartered here offer a diverse range of services, all aiming to help businesses communicate their brands and offerings effectively to their audiences. Whether they use advanced technologies like Virtual Reality or mainstream platforms like social media for advertising, these companies have proven track records of delivering compelling and high-impact advertising strategies.

This is an opportunity to delve into the unique world of these companies ranging from designing specialist mobile apps, web development, brand marketing, product design, and even offering payment solutions. Each company has its own story to tell, and we invite you to explore their paths towards achieving advertising excellence.


One of the innovators of the advertising industry in China, itable specializes in Advertising, Social Media Advertising, and Social Media Marketing. Their commitment to innovation is clearly reflected in the compelling campaigns they produce. Stay updated with itable on their Linkedin page.

Sanshengyuan Wenhua Chuanmei

This company dedicated to Advertising, Digital Media, and Virtual Reality, offers unique and immersive advertisements to the businesses.


JUCHENG is a dynamic player in the field of Advertising, E-Commerce, Internet, Marketing, and Payments offering multi-dimensional services to their clients and ensuring their brands reach the desired audience.


In the realm of Advertising, Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, Web Development, HUCII is a significant name. This company provides a spectrum of services including website optimization, mobile app design, system development design, and web design. They also have a strong foothold in WeChat development design, making them a comprehensive digital marketing solution provider.


HEJUKEJI is engaged in Advertising, Marketing, Mobile Payments and incorporates advanced and cutting-edge advertising techniques. Do check out their LinkedIn page for more.

Sam Design Group

Founded by Guo Yongliang, the Sam Design Group is an authority in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Product Design. Follow them on LinkedIn to get to know more about their innovative creations.


As one of the leaders in the Advertising, Internet, and Marketing industry, DANGDANGOK.COM is an Internet based communication company that offers a wide range of products and services, including household development and industrial development services.

Yidian Wangluo

A specialized player in the field of Advertising, Brand Marketing, Internet, and Marketing, Yidian Wangluo offers a blend of creativity and strategy to create impactful brand campaigns. Visit their LinkedIn for more details.

These companies make up the diverse and vibrant advertising landscape in Futian, each with their own unique approach and strategies. They continue to evolve and innovate, shaping the future of the advertising industry. Their stories provide a glimpse into their journey of growth, strategic thinking, and creative execution, strengthening Futian’s position on the global advertising map.

Written by Mark Smith

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