Exploring Getafe: Madrid’s Hidden Hub of Advertising Industry Giants

Getafe, a city located in the South of the Madrid metropolitan area, is gaining increased recognition as a hub for vibrant and innovative businesses, particularly in the advertising industry. The city provides an impressive blend of historical culture and modernity, which reflects in the creativity and dynamism of companies based here. From traditional advertising and marketing firms to specialist digital agencies offering SEO and mobile advertising services, the sector is diverse and increasingly expansive.

With the burgeoning growth of digital media and online commerce, enormous opportunities exist for businesses operating in digital advertising and marketing services. Hence, a spotlight on these businesses reveals, not just their impact to the local economy, but their contributions to global trends in the advertising industry. In this article, we explore some notable companies operating in the advertising industry with headquarters in Getafe, Madrid, Spain.

The companies range from small start-ups to larger, established firms. All of them, however, share a common goal: to meet the evolving demands of clients for strategic communication, visibility, brand recognition and customer engagement in highly competitive markets. Let’s dive in and explore these companies.

Talentum Integral Services Group

Talentum Integral Services Group is a reputable entity within the advertising and marketing industry. Headquartered in Getafe, Madrid, this company has been a market leader in innovative advertising.


Scrolling, a dynamic firm founded by Manuel Montilla, is deeply involved in the integration of diverse advertising mechanisms. They specialize in advertising, consulting, digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile advertising, SEM, SEO, and social media advertising. As their description suggests, they create unique projects aimed at meeting essential human needs and optimizing online businesses. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

3 Monos

3 Monos is a creative agency with diverse skills in advertising, graphic design, marketing, photography, SEO, and web design. Located in Getafe, Madrid, their creative prowess is significant in the industry.

Goodies Merchandising

Specializing in advertising, gift items, and graphic design, Goodies Merchandising is another notable company in Getafe, Madrid. Learn more about their activities on their Facebook page.

Monsul Comunicación

Monsul Comunicación, based in Getafe, Madrid, offers high-quality services in advertising, marketing, and public relations. Check out their LinkedIn profile here.

Good Solutions

Good Solutions, a company in the advertising industry located in Getafe, Madrid, also operates in the consumer electronics, gift, and retail sectors. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.


Promogenius is a renowned company with expertise in advertising, manufacturing, retail, and shopping. Their activities can be followed on their Facebook page and Twitter account.

Dictum Group

Dictum Group is another company making waves in the advertising industry from Getafe, Madrid. They also offer event management and marketing services. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


CoarteGift is a unique company offering services in advertising, e-commerce, and gift items. They are active on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Nubertis Informática

Nubertis Informática provides services in advertising, consulting, digital marketing, and information technology. They are based in Getafe, Madrid.

Publinilo Publicidad Y Rotulacion

The final company we will highlight is Publinilo Publicidad Y Rotulacion, a company specializing in advertising and manufacturing based in Getafe, Madrid. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn profile.

In conclusion, Getafe, Madrid is a significant hub for advertisement companies. These businesses are pivotal to influencing product perception and shaping consumer behavior in today’s digital age. It is exciting to see what innovative strategies and campaigns they will execute in the future.

Written by Mark Smith

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