Exploring Glendale’s Leading Advertising Firms: Innovating Shopping Industry Strategies

In the vibrant city of Glendale, California, there’s a thriving hub for creativity and innovation in the advertising sector. Several companies are making headway in this competitive industry, leveraging their distinct approaches to advertising and their understanding of the ever-evolving consumer landscape. In this piece, we take a look at a selection of these advertising companies. Their unique identities are as varied as their techniques, and each contributes its expertise to a dynamic and rapidly progressing industry.

Advertising is a powerful tool that drives economies, influence consumer behavior, and shape societal trends. It is crucial for businesses regardless of their size, and in the 21st century, the advent of digital technology has widened its scope immensely. These companies headquartered in Glendale, California are some of those at the forefront of advertising in this digital age.

In this article we will delve into companies that provide diverse solutions, ranging from global performance agencies, marketing solutions, digital music services, digital marketing companies, to firms specializing in affiliate marketing or social network. We will explore what each company specializes in, their location within Glendale, and how they contribute to the dynamic field of advertising and beyond.


Co-founded by David Hughes, ForwardPMX is a performance agency specialized in transforming the future of consumer interactions. This global brand accords importance to data-led processes with powerful capabilities of technology unleashing their potential for scalability and problem-solving. Its presence is pronounced across various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Gary Mekikian, Trebel is a unique combination of digital advertising and social payment technologies, offering a platform where music can be downloaded for free. It aims to offer fair compensation to the artist community. Find Trebel on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by David Gasparyan, Phonexa offers an all-in-one marketing solution. They provide lead tracking and distribution platforms for businesses which results in increased ROI. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Studio III Marketing

Founded by Matt Bartilson, Studio III Marketing offers digital marketing services such as website development, and search engine optimization and various other services. They cater to industries mainly in healthcare and legal. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Red Label Enterprises

Red Label Enterprises is a local marketing and sales firm. It promotes services for large corporate clients. They specialize in customer retention and customer acquisitions for their clientele. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Zero Parallel

Founded by Matt Snyder, Zero Parallel is an affiliate network aimed at delivering high quality leads. They offer their partners the highest payouts in the industry. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


OvareGroup is a private holding company with specialty firms in content development, marketing technology and strategic services. It's an international company focused on igniting brand potential. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

TableFLIX, Inc.

Founded by Rik D. Middleton, TableFLIX, is an innovative company producing digital video tabletop devices for the hospitality industry. It functions as an advertising and data collection platform.

Huerta Quorum

Huerta Quorum is a full-service creative advertising and marketing agency. They are involved in brand marketing, packaging, graphic design, and printing services. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Disney Mobile

Disney Mobile offers interactive entertainment and information experiences for Guests and fans around the world. They're focused on creating magical, digital experiences. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Adfora, Inc.

Adfora, Inc. is an internet-based company that offers a marketplace and a free classifieds advertising. Find them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This article provides a glimpse into the various influential companies that call Glendale, California home. Regardless of their differences in focus or approach, these companies all share a common trait – they are leaders in their respective areas, driving their industries forward with cutting-edge ideas and techniques.

Hence, the advertising industry in Glendale remains vibrant and strong. And as these companies continue to push boundaries and lead innovations, they contribute to the overall advancement of the global advertising industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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