Exploring Helmond’s Influential Advertisers: Pioneers of The Netherlands Advertising Industry


Helmond, a city located in Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands, is more than canals, tulips, and windmills. It has evolved into a thriving hub for businesses from various industries, but most notably, it has become a sanctuary for companies in the advertising sector. With a rich diversity spanning from traditional print media to digital marketing and brand promotion, these Helmond-based organizations are making a significant impact both locally and globally. This article shines a spotlight on some of these industry-leading companies to understand their unique offerings and operating models.

Whether a local small business or a multinational corporation, every business strategy is incomplete without effective advertising, and the contribution of these companies towards this end is immense. The ability to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time is an art these advertising firms have mastered excellently. From leveraging emerging technologies to sticking to time-tested techniques, they offer a broad range of services catering to diverse marketing needs.

Listed below are some companies operating in the advertising industry and are headquartered in Helmond, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. We navigate through their company bios, services, and more vital aspects so you can discover their unique value proposition.




Facebook: Ojo Facebook Page

IGO Promo



Twitter: @IGOPromo_UK

Facebook: IGO Promo Facebook Page

Linkedin: IGO Promo on Linkedin




Facebook: Nyhm Facebook Page

Sales & Marketing Support



Facebook: Sales & Marketing Support Facebook Page

Reclamestudio GO



Twitter: @dereclamevogel

Facebook: Reclamestudio GO Facebook Page

Linkedin: Reclamestudio GO on Linkedin


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Written by Mark Smith

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