Exploring Kontich-Based Advertising Giants Dominating the Belgian Marketplace

This series of articles is shining a spotlight on players in the Advertising industry who have chosen to make their headquarters in Kontich, Antwerpen, Belgium. We take an informative look at the companies who have opted to invest in this location and how they contribute to their respective industries. These companies have taken advantage of Kontich’s innovative atmosphere, benefitting from its strong economic growth and distinctive community. Here, we’ll provide information on each firm, giving readers an inside look into the specialties and operations of these companies.

Kontich, in Antwerp Province, reflects the blend of history and modernity that Belgium presents; a mix which continues to attract dynamic companies from the Advertising industry. These pioneering businesses range from flag-bearers in UX Design, Web Design, and App Development to Marketing and even Printing. This showcase reveals the unique approaches and innovations each company brings, helping to carve out their place in the competitive global market.

We present each of these companies in more detail below in no specific order—showcasing their various specialties and fortés while providing insight into their operations. Moreover, readers can find direct links to each company’s website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages (where applicable), offering readers the opportunity to explore these brands on their terms.


Humix specializes in Advertising, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), UX Design, and Web Design. For further information on their fascinating operation, connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.


Lunar has become a noteworthy figure in Advertising, Apps, Digital Marketing, Software, and Web Development. Stay updated with their latest projects on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


FBD has leveraged its strengths in Advertising, Marketing, Printing, and Web Apps to build a robust market reputation. Learn more about their approaches on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Are Agency

The team at Are Agency specializes in Advertising and Marketing. Stay updated through their Facebook and LinkedIn channels.


Pieter Vanderoost’s Stitchd is a rising star in the spheres of Advertising, Analytics, and Training. Find out more about their unique approach on their LinkedIn profile.

LDL Communication

LDL Communication has showcased proficiency in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Marketing. Explore their brand further on Facebook and LinkedIn.

JPG Hulsebosch

JPG Hulsebosch works in the industries of Advertising, Digital Signage, Manufacturing, and Retail. Learn more about their business model and services on their LinkedIn profile.


Operating primarily in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Business Intelligence sectors, DeBottomLine brings unique market perspectives. Stay connected with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


As an Advertising, Printing, and Social Media Marketing company, MediaTower has marked its own place in the industry. Stay tuned for more information regarding the company’s ventures in the near future.

These companies are just a small sampling of the diverse range of firms that have chosen to base their operations in Kontich, Antwerpen, Belgium. Their passion and innovative approach have contributed towards making Kontich a prime location for businesses in the Advertising industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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