Exploring Koto, Tokyo’s Revolutionary Advertising Industry Innovators

As the heart of Japan’s bustling metropolis, Koto, Tokyo is teeming with leading corporations thriving in the modern-day advertising industry. With their leading-edge strategies and innovative initiatives, these companies redefine the parameters of advertising. This article delves into the backgrounds of these industry leaders, shedding light on their diverse areas of expertise and the cutting-edge strategies that set them apart.

While it may seem the advertising landscape is saturated, there’s always room for trailblazers that stand out from the crowd. The companies highlighted herein hail from Koto, Tokyo – an area that has attracted some of Japan’s standout advertising agencies and boutiques. From classic outbound advertising to app discovery, digital media and CRM among other disciplines, these companies have a broad spectrum of skills under their belts. Let’s take a closer look at what these companies have to offer.

In this feature, we profile ten companies that have managed to invent and reinvent themselves in the competitive advertising industry in Koto, Tokyo. Each of them demonstrates an individual approach to the market, delivering personalised solutions to a range of clients, and bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table.

NTT DATA Smart Sourcing

NTT DATA Smart Sourcing leads the pack in the realm of Advertising, App Discovery, and CRM. As pioneers in their field, they continue to set the benchmark high for competitors with their groundbreaking strategies and initiatives.

Fuji Creative

Serving the Advertising, Broadcasting, and Marketing spaces, Fuji Creative has firmly established itself as an industry competitor. Founded in March 1971, the company specializes in both distribution and production of quality TV programs and continues to impress with impactful and diverse strategies.


TECHNO-PORT, founded by Masayasu Tokuyama, operates in the Advertising and Marketing industry. The company emphasises the importance of customer interaction and strives to facilitate business matching through both web and real-world platforms.


Serving the Advertising, Digital Media, and Marketing spheres, Lxgic continuously iterates pioneering strategies to stay at the forefront of their industry.

Japan Post Maintenance Co.

Operating in the Advertising, Automotive, Digital Signage, Logistics, and Recreational Vehicles industries, Japan Post Maintenance Co. stands out amongst its peers with its broad industry expertise and cutting-edge marketing techniques.

SCSK ServiceWare

SCSK ServiceWare is a leader in the Advertising, Call Center, Social Media Marketing, and Technical Support industries. With unique and tailor-made solutions for clients, the company continues to be an industry standout.

ITOCHU Interactive

ITOCHU Interactive has firmly established its presence in the Advertising, B2C, and Digital Marketing industries through innovative strategies that consistently deliver impressive results.


Building a strong presence in the Advertising, Apps, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, and Software industries, electrodream continues to develop and iterate leading-edge strategies.


A competitive player in the Advertising, Business Development, and Marketing sectors, Manufac propels itself forward with a deep understanding of market trends and client needs.


With a focus on Advertising, Call Center, Information Services, Information Technology, and Outsourcing, ADJUST consistently drives the expansion of its industry reach with innovative strategies and concepts.


PROST specialises in Graphic Design, Printing, and Video Advertising. With its creative approaches and top-tier technologies, the company continues to redefine the standards in its industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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