Exploring Lehi: Unearthing Utah’s Pioneering Powerhouses in Advertising Industry


Welcome to the thriving hub of innovation and technology, Lehi, Utah. Strategically positioned within the heart of Silicon Slopes, this city is home to numerous vibrant companies, specifically those residing in the advertising and tech industry. Our focus today is on a selection of these remarkable advertising firms and we’ll explore how they’re making meaningful strides in areas such as 3D Technology, Social Media Advertising, Marketing SaaS, and beyond.

Known for their inventive solutions, these companies are not merely contributing to their local economy; they’re also impacting the world through technology and creativity. From the development of groundbreaking Web3 ecosystem to harnessing user-generated content for boosting conversions, these companies manifest why Lehi, Utah, is a pulsating centre for tech-oriented businesses.

Whether you’re an investor, tech enthusiast, or curious reader, it’s now time to dig deeper into these establishments. Each includes a brief description and key details, including founders, industry, and contact information. All company names link directly to their respective websites.

Ocavu (formerly Seek)

Ocavu leverages the capabilities of Web3 and the Metaverse to assist brands and influencers. Founded by Chris White, Jon Cheney, Mike Snow, and Thane Brimhall, their Web3 ecosystem offers a wide array of possibilities for brands in the realms of blockchain, NFTs, and augmented reality. Their digital solutions are significantly contributing to the 3D Technology, Marketing, and Retail Technology sectors. Details of their latest activities can be found on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Cofounded by Eric Johnson, Jared Maxwell, and Ty Allen, SocialClimb aids healthcare institutes with marketing solutions tailored to the social media age. Their technology empowers organisations to raise their virtual visibility, which ultimately helps drive patient engagement. For updates on their services operating in the Health Care, Advertising, and Social Media sectors, visit their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn page.


Launching in 2017, Roster, founded by James Davis and Scott Paul, offers a platform to facilitate brand engagement. Specialising in Advertising, Marketing, and Social Media, they connect brands with people, drive sales and boost engagement. Check out the latest from Roster on their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn page.


On a mission to redefine audience engagement, Qzzr was brought to life by Bucky Flowers and Josh Little. Its interactive content platform enables leading brands to create quizzes, polls, and lists which amplify their reach and engagement. To learn more about their contributions in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Lead Generation, follow their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn page.


Strala, co-founded by Mikel Chertudi and Rob Clarke, is a tech platform advancing content measurement for businesses. It empowers organisations to collect and unify all customer touchpoint interactions. Visit their Facebook or LinkedIn page to explore more.


Focusing on user-generated video content, VideoPeel, founded by Ben Cobb, Maria Tedjamulia, and Patrick Tedjamulia, aids businesses in capturing, analysing, and sharing customer videos. Connect with VideoPeel on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Jared Turner, Rick Horsley, and Travis Thorpe, Boostability thrives on making SEO services affordable and effective for small businesses. Catch their latest search engine marketing insights on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Nuvi, a creation by David Oldham, is a social analytics and customer experience management platform with an industry-leading accuracy rate. Get more updates on their analytical solutions on their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Big Leap

Big Leap is an online marketing consulting agency founded by Bryan Phelps. They propel business expansion through their expertise in web design, SEO, and email marketing. Connect with Big Leap on their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

97th Floor

97th Floor, led by founder Chris Bennett, is a Digital Marketing Agency known for its creative and innovative strategies. To understand their perspectives on SEO, Advertising, and Web Design, tune into their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

PMA Media Group

PMA Media Group is a leader in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing and SEO. For more information, updates or to connect, visit their Twitter or LinkedIn pages.


Written by Mark Smith

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