Exploring Loughborough’s Advertising Giants: Innovations in UK Retail Strategies

Welcome to the heart of the United Kingdom’s advertising industry – Loughborough, Leicestershire. This vibrant town, nestled in the East Midlands of England, is a bustling hub where creativity meets strategy in the realm of communication, marketing and branding. In this article, we aim to spotlight some of the innovative companies operating in the Advertising industry and headquartered in this unique location. From specialised corporations to multi-faceted agencies, these players are shaping the future of advertising as we know it.

In an age where advertising is a critical instrument for businesses of all sizes, businesses have to stand out to make a significant impact. The companies we will be looking at today have shown audacity and finesse in playing this challenging yet dynamic game. Here in Loughborough, they have cultivated a community of professional innovators, bringing distinct approaches to the advertising industry and contributing to the burgeoning commercial scene in the region.

Each company has a unique journey that has led them to their respective positions in the industry. This article explores their rich histories, notable works, as well as their strategic and creative philosophies. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Loughborough’s leading advertising companies.


Specialising in digital and traditional brand communications, Champions is an award-winning agency that prides itself on its 120 strong team across 10 in-house departments. Recognised among the Telegraph 1000 Britain’s Brightest Businesses and 57th in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 directory, they have positioned themselves as a powerhouse in the industry. As a family-run business, they emphasise the importance of relationship-building internally and externally, positioning themselves as an extension of their client’s team.

Affixxius Films

Affixxius Films is a creative powerhouse, pushing boundaries in advertising, digital marketing, and video production. Located in the heart of Loughborough, Affixxius is dedicated to producing high-quality films that engage and leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Sims Creative

Through a combination of innovation and traditional techniques, Sims Creative offers a wide range of services, including advertising, content marketing, event management, and printing. They are known for their knack for creativity and the ability to grasp the client’s vision and turn it into tangible products.

We Are Team Rocket

Founded by Tom Simpson, We are Team Rocket brings a fresh perspective to the advertising world. Specialising in B2B relationships, this company offers innovative solutions in marketing and sales through a range of strategies that are designed to propel businesses to greater heights.

LikeMind Media

LikeMind Media, based in Loughborough, takes pride in its diverse service offerings, ranging from advertising and consulting to digital marketing, email marketing, SEO, and web design. This company stands out for its unique approach to connecting with its clients and its dedication to creating high-quality, success-driven results.

CN Promotions

CN Promotions is known for its extensive range of promotional products. They combine creativity with effectiveness to deliver promotions that not only attract attention but also resonate with the targeted audience to foster a strong brand recall.


Studio-40 takes a holistic approach to digital marketing solutions. They work diligently with your business to increase ROI and create impactful digital campaigns that combine arresting aesthetics with strategic depth.

Limelight Digital

Limelight Digital has made a name for itself by delivering strategic content marketing solutions. They understand the impact of content in today’s digital marketing landscape and work closely with their clients to create content that resonates strongly with potential customers.

Bade Newby Display

Bade Newby Display is a well-established advertising company delivering a wide range of services and products. They specialise in creating innovative and creative marketing materials such as window decals, floor stickers, and promotional items to help businesses reach their target audiences.

Print Monkey UK

Known for their high-quality printing services, Print Monkey UK adds a touch of creativity and innovation to the world of advertising. They understand the importance of visually appealing promotional material, and their products never fail to grab attention and leave a lasting memory in people’s minds.

Written by Mark Smith

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