Exploring Mechelen’s Dynamic Advertising Companies: A Belgian Business Insight

Located in the heart of Belgium is Mechelen, a city that is home to a number of thriving advertising companies. Antwerpen, as part of Belgium’s Flanders region, is known for its historic architecture, vibrant arts scene, and most notably in the business world, its innovative marketing and advertising industry. These companies leverage technologies and strategies ranging from mobile advertising, marketing automation, social media marketing, SEO to effective brand marketing. Let’s look at some of these prominent companies.


Founded by Hilke Heremans and Mark Willems, Tsjing is leading the way in brand marketing, hospitality, market research, and marketing automation. The company is particularly specialized in mobile advertising and apps which make the cumbersome process of waiting for waiters to take orders a thing of the past. You can learn more about Tsjing on their official Facebook and LinkedIn pages or by following them on Twitter @tsjing.

Pebble Media

Pebble Media is another company that has set a foothold in the advertising industry in Mechelen. With a strong foothold in advertising, information technology, marketing, and social media. You can get more updates about Pebble Media on their Facebook page, LinkedIn, or by following them on Twitter @pebble_media.

Supremia International

Specializing in advertising and brand marketing, Supremia International is dedicated to offering quality services that make a difference. Get in touch with Supremia International on Facebook or on LinkedIn.

Bbc Communication

Bbc Communication engages in the business of advertising, marketing, marketing automation, and social media advertising. Find more about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.


Grava puts brands, companies, and products on the digital rails for greater leads and turnover. Specializing in advertising, marketing, SEO, and social media marketing, Grava offers tailored online solutions. Follow them on Twitter @grava_be, on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


Tailormate brings its expertise in construction, interior design, outdoor advertising, restaurants, and retail. They are known for their unique interiors and pop-up shops. Follow Tailormate on Facebook or on LinkedIn.


Raak specializes in the field of advertising. You can learn more about Raak on their LinkedIn account or by following them on Twitter @raakagency.

Email Garage

Engaged in advertising, content, email marketing, and social media marketing, Email Garage is yet another representative of the thriving advertising industry in Mechelen. You can get to know more about Email Garage on their Facebook page.


E3 Agency Network offers comprehensive marketing and advertising services including brand identity and strategy, marketing communications, advertising services, and more. Follow them on Twitter @e3_network, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

UCAN Communications

UCAN Communications is yet another significant player in the advertising field. Find more information on their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.


Last but certainly not least, newworld is led by Wim Voss. With services in advertising, event management, and graphic design, newworld keeps its pace with the dynamic trends in the advertising industry. Follow newworld on LinkedIn for updates.

These companies represent the vibrant advertising industry in Mechelen, Antwerpen, Belgium and continue to shape the global digital advertising and marketing landscape through innovation and thought leadership.

Written by Mark Smith

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