Exploring Perugia: Umbria’s Hub for Innovative Italian Advertising Firms

Perugia, a bustling hub in the Umbria region of Italy, is home to a diverse range of advertising firms that contribute to the dynamic spirit of the Italian business landscape. Its strategic location, coupled with an innovative approach to digital marketing, makes it the perfect breeding ground for new and established companies. These companies provide everything from e-commerce solutions and SEO tactics to digital media and web development. We’ll delve into the profiles of some of these advertising firms, highlighting their unique strengths and market position.

Most of these companies have carved yet exciting ways to connect brands with people. They use a balanced mix of creativity, strategy, and data-driven techniques to build unique campaigns that create buzz and drive sales. They value the art of storytelling, using different platforms and tools to engage audiences and create memorable experiences. Each of these firms has a unique business philosophy and approach, yet they all share a common goal – to drive brand engagement and promote growth.

Irrespective of their size, these firms strive to provide effective and creative advertising solutions that meet the needs of their diverse clients. Whether it’s graphic design, digital marketing, E-commerce, or developing mobile apps, these advertising firms offer comprehensive solutions that enhance brand visibility and drive customer engagement. Let’s journey into the world of some of Perugia’s leading advertising firms.

Città In Internet

Città In Internet is a key player in the advertising and e-commerce industry. The company specializes in creating advertising platforms that capture the spirit of each brand, embracing technology to deliver engaging campaigns that make a real impact. Connect with them here and here.

LeFucine Art & Media

Founded by Enrico Cenci, LeFucine Art & Media is a multi-faceted firm offering services in digital marketing, events, SEO, and web development. They’re adept at creating innovative campaigns that capture the heart of their client’s brand, resonating with their target audience. Check them out through their Facebook and Linkedin.

Monster 4D

Monster 4D blends advertising, digital marketing, e-commerce, and events to provide holistic solutions for their clients. They understand the importance of creating engaging, immersive experiences, leveraging technology to bring each campaign to life. Explore their work here.


With a strong focus on advertising, graphic design, and marketing, T & RB // GROUP is committed to creating visually engaging campaigns that resonate with their target audience. Follow them here and on LinkedIn.


Specializing in digital marketing, advertising, training, and tourism, Marketing01 provides a strategic approach to brand growth. They bring years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals to the table, ensuring each campaign is a success. Follow them on Facebook.


Founded by Richard Humphry, Gelio is an advertising firm with a unique focus on geo-targeted mobile app promotion. With their intelligent approach, they ensure the right deals reach the right audience at the right time. Gelio is all about maximising local commerce, bringing in customers when and where needed. Find out more about them here.

Thinking About

Founded by Gabriele Giannotti, Matteo Betori, and Tommaso Betori, Thinking About is a digital creative studio that specializes in transforming products, brands, and services into value through data and creative marketing. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn and get to know more about them.


Iperservice, advertising meets human resources. They champion unique solutions, blending creativity and strategy to ensure each campaign stands out.


Mand is a name to reckon with in the advertising industry in Perugia. With their unique approach to graphic design, they create visually compelling campaigns that resonate with their client’s target audience.


With a focus on advertising and content creation, CoMoDo provides custom training modules to companies, helping them leverage the power of creative campaigns for growth. Find out more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Fattoria Creativa

Fattoria Creativa is a creative advertising firm with a unique stand on brand marketing. Their team of creative professionals couples graphic design with strategic marketing to deliver stunning campaigns that elevate brand visibility. Connect with them here and on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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