Exploring Schiedam’s Advertising Giants: Essential Insights and Innovations

When discussing thriving advertising industry hotspots around the world, major cities such as New York, London, and Paris usually come to mind. However, there’s a hidden gem nestled in the quaint city of Schiedam, Zuid-Holland in The Netherlands. Over the years, this city has become home to many innovative, dynamic companies making waves in the advertising industry. This article highlights some of these firms, showcasing their unique capabilities and their immense contribution toward making Schiedam a remarkable advertising headquarters.

Located in the South Holland province, Schiedam is known for its historical city center filled with canals, windmills, and museums. But it’s not just about the past. This city has embraced the future, with the digital marketing, advertising, and tech scene burgeoning intensely. Several companies have capitalized on the city’s progressive spirit, establishing their headquarters and contributing to the vibrant local advertising industry.

The following section provides a brief introduction to the diverse companies operating in the advertising sector in Schiedam. All these companies have proven to break boundaries, effectively aiding the growth and visibility of businesses, products, and services in a fast-paced, ever-evolving global market.


Liman is a multifaceted company offering services in advertising, business development, consulting, and personal branding. Functioning as a one-stop-shop for firms needing a dynamic range of services, Liman is committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that can help businesses reach their full potential. Connect with Liman on LinkedIn.


PropellerAds is a marketing powerhouse. With a primary focus on advertising, email marketing, and SEO, they design and execute campaigns that capture attention and drive results. With their innovative approaches, PropellerAds has aided many businesses in maintaining a robust-and profitable online presence. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Virtek is changing how people perceive advertising by leveraging 3D Technology. They excel in combining their tech prowess with their advertising and digital marketing skillsets to create genuinely immersive experiences that engage audiences at a whole new level. Keep up to date with Virtek on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Cross Media Netherlands

Cross Media Netherlands is adept at crafting comprehensive marketing strategies. They offer services in advertising, consulting, and marketing to help clients enhance their market visibility and presence. For up-to-date news and inspiration from Cross Media Netherlands, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Face Signing

Face Signing specializes in outdoor advertising and digital signage. They cleverly use these mediums to create compelling visual communication strategies that attract and engage viewers. Face Signing excels in harnessing the potency of public spaces to share captivating brand messages.

Marketing Impuls

Marketing Impuls is a company keen on delivering effective B2B and direct sales marketing solutions. They leverage their understanding of the advertising industry to create strategies that capture attention, drive engagement and convert leads into customers. To learn more, connect with Marketing Impuls on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Vandereclame is a full-service advertising firm known for its digital signage and graphic design services. They understand the impact of strong visuals in advertising and strive to create eye-catching designs that effectively communicate brand messages. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Bubbles Company

Remaining true to its name, Bubbles Company is a company that brings fresh, bubbling ideas to the world of advertising and marketing. They adopt inventive, quirky strategies, producing results that make their clients stand out from the crowd. Follow them on Facebook to see their exciting work.

Seventh Media

Seventh Media is an advertising, consulting, and marketing company that brings a wealth of digital expertise to the commercial landscape in Schiedam. They realize the magnitude of the digital shift and harness it to create advantageous opportunities for their clients. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Inreco combines advertising with content marketing to create compelling brand stories. They understand that a strong personal brand can be a game-changer in the competitive market and leverage this to create robust brand identities for their clients. To stay connected with Inreco, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

While each of these companies has its unique approach, they all share a common goal: to pave the way for innovative, effective advertising solutions. Schiedam might be a small city, but it’s a beacon of bright ideas and ingenious strategies, attributing much to the growing ad industry in Zuid-Holland.

Written by Mark Smith

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