Exploring Tallinn’s Innovative Leaders in the Advertising Industry

In the busy, bustling city of Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia lies an emerging hub for companies operating in the Advertising industry. With an increasingly innovative and thriving tech landscape, many businesses are choosing Tallinn as their base. This article highlights a selection of these companies, providing unique insights into their backgrounds, offerings and main objective.

Taking advantage of the city’s robust tech scene, these companies leverage digital means to provide their services. Ranging from Ad Networks and Software to Content Marketing and AI, their diverse offerings reflect the rich industry ecosystem present in Tallinn. While they vary greatly in their specialized domains, they all share common goals, constantly innovating to transform and enhance the Advertising sector.

From blockchain interfused Advertising Platforms to AI driven influencer marketing, the spectrum of services offered by these companies is extensive. Businesses and advertisers can benefit from an array of features and tools designed to deliver targeted and profitable online campaigns. Let’s delve into these companies, looking at what they uniquely bring to the table.

Founded by Avery Schrader and Hendry Sadrak, Modash operates in the Advertising, Internet, and Software industry. This end-to-end influencer marketing platform offers unique tools like audience targeted influencer search and conversion rate attribution for influencer marketing. Driven by the belief in the value creators bring, Modash aims to help all creators receive fair compensation.


Established by Thomas Padovani, Adcash is an International ad-serving platform that offers highly targeted solutions and tools for profitable online campaigns. The company specializes in entertainment-related websites and boasts a portfolio of over 70,000 premium websites. Through its own technical ad delivery platform, it ensures significant and recurring revenues for publishers.


Founded by Aleks Koha and Leonardo Romanello, Promoty offers an influencer marketing CRM to manage influencers, collaborations and branded content. Their versatile tool allows efficient creation and management of influencer marketing campaigns.


Headed by Alexandr Kuzmin, Dmitry Malyanov and Vadim Budaev, AdHive is an AI-powered influencer marketing platform, providing advertisers a method to place native ads on multiple influencer channels. It has recently raised $17,500,000 in funding through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), showcasing evident investor confidence.


Founded by Alexandr Kukuliev and Boris Abaev, Rocket10 is a mobile marketing agency trusted by large developers including Uber, Farfetch, PUBG, Shein, inDriver, and Joom. The agency has over 8 years experience in developing and implementing app promotion strategies on large advertising platforms and social media.


PRNEWS.IO, founded by Alexander Storozhuk, works in the broad sphere of advertising including Big Data, Digital Marketing, and E-Commerce. Having created a trusted brand, they operate in the public relations sector as a trusted platform for quality content distribution.

iGaming Master

Marketed by Barkha Dabral, iGaming Master operates in the advertising industry, focusing on affiliate marketing and digital marketing. They specialize in driving growth for B2C companies and brands with a focus on inbound and programmatic advertising for lead generation programs.


Founded by Alexander Aleksashev and Ksenia Stark, MD X sets out with a mission to revolutionize advertising by creating more inclusive and rewarding ecosystems for brands, publishers, and users. Relying on IT science, they experiment and implement long-term strategies in their approach.


Founded by Dag Ainsoo, Priit Kivinurm and Rando Rannus, SmartAd offers targeted advertising solutions on the Internet. The company prides itself on combining professional expertise with state-of-the-art technology.


Hashtago, founded by Andrew Litvin, Andrew Volovyk, and Artem Pochepetky, offers Digital Marketing solutions combining data-driven technology with personalized service. They provide an array of online tools to maximize the ROI on marketing activities.

This Is Fashion

This Is Fashion, created by Sander Kooger, provides an online fashion library, aiming to gather and preserve shared fashion heritage. The platform offers a comprehensive fashion archive, available on any device and translated to any language.

Written by Mark Smith

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