Exploring Yekaterinburg’s Pioneering Giants in Advertising Industry

Located in the heart of Russia, in the city of Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, a thriving advertising sector has taken root. Known for its vibrant business culture and a population with high spending power, it is an ideal location for emerging and established businesses in the advertising industry. This article will introduce you to key companies operating in this field, shedding light on their services, specialties, and contact information.

Yekaterinburg, the fourth-largest city in Russia, offers a dynamic blend of culture and business, creating a perfect environment for advertising agencies to thrive. This industry is significantly contributing to the growth of the city’s economy while packaging and promoting many local businesses to the world. The following companies are playing pivotal roles in driving this growth but they are also connecting businesses and consumers in innovative ways.

These companies vary in their approach to advertising, using different techniques such as lead generation, SEO, digital media, outdoor advertising and much more. Each company has a unique twist to their operations and continue to evolve in their strategies, setting them apart from competitors. Let’s dive in to delve more into what they offer.

Top Ten

Top Ten prioritizes its expertise in advertising, lead generation, SEO, and social media marketing to enhance the visibility of its clients. Visit Top Ten’s website for more information.

Amedia Outdoor

Amedia Outdoor is a powerhouse in advertising, digital media, and outdoor advertising realms. Follow Amedia on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with their latest projects and services.

Pravilo Pareto

With a focus on advertising, outdoor advertising, and printing, Pravilo Pareto guarantees wholehearted dedication to delivering top-notch advertising solutions. Stay connected with Pravilo Pareto on Facebook.


Go is a creative agency pioneering in the fields of advertising and marketing. To learn more about Go’s services and upcoming projects, you can visit their website.

ADWAI Digital

Operating since 2014, ADWAI Digital offers comprehensive Internet marketing services including advertising, site development, SMM, and brand building. Stay updated via their Twitter account.


Centrus specializes in both advertising and outdoor advertising. You can learn more about their services and projects on their website.


Boomerang is an advertising and marketing firm that creates impactful campaigns. Find out more about Boomerang’s vision on their website, or interact with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Future Media

Future Media focuses on delivering advertising solutions across various media channels. To know more about their service you can visit their website or join their community on Facebook.

Region Press Agency

Region Press Agency is distinctively known for their expertise in the field of advertising and public relations. More insights can be found on their website.

Ra Karandash

Ra Karandash is a forward-thinking advertising and marketing agency that delivers tailored services. You can learn more about how Ra Karandash operates on its website.

Video Ural

Video Ural specializes in advertising, marketing, and video advertising, crafting compelling narratives for their clients. Explore more about Video Ural by visiting their website.

Each of these companies represents a unique facet of the advertising industry in Yekaterinburg, revealing the diversity and richness of the creative economy in this Russian city. As the field continues to grow, these agencies are sure to remain at the heart of this evolution, ushering in fresh innovation and driving digital transformation.

Written by Mark Smith

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