Madrid’s Leading Advertising Agencies Transforming the Retail Shopping Landscape

Welcome to another captivating edition of our ‘Business of Shopping’ spotlight series where we delve into and profile esteemed companies operating at the forefront of the Advertising industry. Today, we shift our attention to the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain. An eclectic hub of creativity, Madrid is home to a number of outstanding companies applying innovative techniques to shape the future of advertising and marketing. Let’s get to know these companies a bit more.

Located in Humanes De Madrid, our focus will be on nine industry-leading companies and one company located in Las Rozas De Madrid, each contributing uniquely to advertising, marketing, and related fields. This diverse array includes everything from social media and web development agencies to companies specialized in fraud detection, telecommunications, content creation, logistics, and even publishing. Together, they paint a dynamic picture of Madrid’s thriving advertising industry.

With a focus on companies that are not only leveraging traditional marketing modalities but also embracing the potential of various pioneering technologies, this round-up will provide valuable insights for anyone interested in understanding the landscape of advertising in Madrid. Let’s proceed to our first stop on this remarkable journey.

10 ATM Studio

10 ATM Studio is a versatile agency specializing in Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, and Web Development. Their approach amalgamates creativity with technology, delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital sphere. Connect with 10 ATM Studio on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

IAB Spain

At the heart of the advertising and marketing industry in Spain lies IAB Spain. As a prominent player in the market, the company prides itself on shaping the future of digital marketing & advertising. Stay updated with IAB Spain on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.


Offermetrix operates in the advertising niche with a specialized focus on Fraud Detection, Marketing, and Telecommunications. The firm provides advanced solutions for scalable, data-driven growth, and programmatic fraud detection. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to remain informed about their latest offerings.

LID Editorial

Blending elements of Advertising, Marketing, and Publishing, LID Editorial has carved out its own unique niche in the industry. The company is a trailblazer in utilizing modern technology to foster meaningful engagements. Stay connected with LID Editorial on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Ayala Group

Positioned uniquely with its multiple offerings, Ayala Group operates in the realm of Advertising, Manufacturing, and Printing. They offer a broad range of services including digital printing, labeling, screen printing in various formats, and more. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

The Sensory Lab

An innovative player in advertising and marketing, The Sensory Lab believes in creating immersive experiences that connect brands with their audience. You can follow their work on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


In the realm of content creation, UPMEDIA is making waves. Coupling creative dexterity with advertising genius, they provide comprehensive services to clients. Stay updated with UPMEDIA on their LinkedIn page.


Adpublicidaddirecta brings a unique perspective to the advertising and marketing industry. The company’s approach revolves around creating value for brands through targeted marketing strategies.

JSP Buzone’stars

A distinctive player in the advertising industry, JSP Buzone’stars also operates within logistics and printing. They provide comprehensive marketing solutions that leverage the power of physical and digital platforms. Get to know them further on Twitter and Facebook.

Publidirect Canal

Publidirect Canal specializes in direct marketing, enabling brands to reach their target demographic more effectively. Through their innovative solutions, they have established themselves as a key player in Madrid’s advertising landscape.

Merydeis Gruppo

Based in Las Rozas De Madrid, Merydeis Gruppo is a powerhouse advertising agency also providing services in graphic design and marketing. Their focus is on creating meaningful and impactful brand narratives. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates on their innovative projects.

Written by Mark Smith

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