Mission Viejo’s Pioneers: Leading California’s Advertising Industry Growth

Located in the heart of Southern California’s Orange County, Mission Viejo is home to a flourishing advertising industry. From traditional marketing and consulting, digital media to brand development, these successful companies are redefining and shaping the future of advertising in various innovative ways. In this series, we highlight and explore some of these exceptional advertising companies based in Mission Viejo.

These companies, in different ways, harness the power of advertising to create compelling narratives for businesses. They effectively utilize data, creativity, technology and strategy to capture audiences, expand brand awareness and boost business growth. Their proficiency in the industry positions them as leading players in the California advertising scene.

It’s no surprise that these companies have made Mission Viejo their home. The city’s strategic location, conducive business environment and great quality of life, makes it a hotbed for technological innovation and marketing excellence. Let’s take a closer look at these companies:


Co-founded by Glenn Schmitt, MarkeTeam operates in the thriving intersection of advertising, consulting and marketing. Their industry-leading strategies and unparalleled industry knowledge have made them a go-to firm in the region. Stay connected with MarkeTeam on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Power Direct

Power Direct made its mark in the advertising industry by mingling traditional and digital media advertising. Their innovative marketing strategies have proven effective for numerous clients. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Beacon Sales and Marketing

Beacon Sales and Marketing is a full-service advertising, brand marketing and consulting firm, offering innovative solutions that meet clients’ needs. Learn more about Beacon’s work on their LinkedIn page.

The Bloomfield Group

The Bloomfield Group is an all-encompassing advertising agency offering services from graphic design to web design. Check out their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more.

Organic Communications

At Organic Communications, they utilize telecommunications to transform advertising and marketing for their clients. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Daly-Swartz Public Relations

Daly-Swartz Public Relations offers expert services in advertising, consulting, marketing, and public relations, helping brands reach their full potential in the market.

Diversified Business

Diversified Business, as the name suggests, offers a diverse approach to branding and marketing. Stay updated with them on Facebook.

One Step Services

From email marketing to professional services, One Step Services provides a comprehensive approach to digital marketing. Explore more from them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


A unique blend of advertising and software, HeadTalker, assists businesses in reaching their targeted communities. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

So Cal

So Cal specializes in digital marketing, emphasizing SEO and social media. Stay connected to So Cal on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Hypeline Media

Hypeline Media is a full-service online media company aiding advertisers with its vast networks of high-traffic sites. Keep up to date with Hypeline Media on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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