Montana Marvels: Spotlight on Missoula’s Advertising Industry Titans

Missoula, Montana, is home to a vibrant array of advertising companies that are weaving their narratives in the world of business. From established organizations to budding start-ups, their collective expertise has played stellar roles in several industries including software, digital media, entertainment, and graphic design. This article sheds light on these Missoula-based powerhouses that are shaping the advertising and marketing landscapes and altering the ways companies communicate with their customers.

These companies have integrated technology into conventional business models to cater to the emerging needs of modern businesses. From automatic ad data unification to video advertising and from graphic design to digital marketing, the advertising companies in Missoula are driving innovation across several industry verticals and setting new milestones in the commercial arena.

In the heart of Montana, these companies have leveraged their strategic location, immense talent pool and zealous creativity to deliver robust solutions. Undeterred by the dimensions of their business, they aim to provide end-to-end solutions that add value and facilitate their clients’ growth from strength to strength. Let’s mosey around to discover more about them.


Specializing in software and advertising, joinr was established by founders Jordan Fowler and Shane Dowaliby using automatic ad data unification. You can find out more by visiting their Facebook page, Twitter handle, or Linkedln page.


Ryan Hansen founded LumenAd, an advertising management platform that uses a proven framework to connect programmatic, direct, search, and social data. Check out their Facebook profile and Linkedin page for more details. Also, follow them on Twitter.


Founded by Hank Green and John Green, VidCon brings together an online community of people interested in video entertainment and advertising. Learn more by checking out their Facebook or Linkedin page, and by following them on Twitter.


Pathlabs is a name to reckon with in the realm of advertising, digital media, internet, and marketing. Stay connected with them on Facebook or through their Linkedin page, and by following them on Twitter.


Windfall is known for its services including marketing, product design, advertising, brand communication, social connections, and content creation. Visit their Facebook or LinkedIn page, or follow them on @windfallstudio for more info.


Founded by I. H. Morrison, Joseph Magee, and W.H. Magee, Missoulian is a quality provider of local news and information. For more about their reach on their Facebook page and their Twitter handle.


A well-recognized player in the advertising and marketing industry in Missoula, you can connect with them through their LinkedIn page.

Gecko Designs

Gecko Designs is a graphic design and marketing company producing websites, logos, billboards, ads, campaigns, and more. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page, or following them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Big West Marketing

Specializing in advertising, professional services, SEO, and web design, Big West Marketing is a significant player in the advertising industry. Visit their Facebook or LinkedIn page, or follow them on Twitter for more information.


Subset is a creative agency involved in advertising and media and entertainment. To find out more about them, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mettle Strategic Marketing Solutions

MelttleSMS, founded by Tara Halls, specializes in digital marketing, graphic design, market research, marketing, and photography. Follow them on Facebook or their LinkedIn page to keep up with what’s new at Mettle Strategic Marketing Solutions.

As we wrap up, it’s evident how Missoula, Montana, has evolved into a breeding ground for advertising and marketing companies that are increasingly leaving their mark both locally and globally. With their ground-breaking solutions, they are redefining business communication in the contemporary world.

Written by Mark Smith

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