Oak Park, Illinois: Unveiling Advertising Industry Giants in Shopping Arena

Nestled in the vibrant suburb of Oak Park in Illinois, a selection of innovative and creative advertising companies have created their headquarters. These businesses, ranging from full-service recruitment marketing companies to firms specializing in online video production, are changing the face of advertising. Despite their varied specializations, they all share a commitment to creating effective and engaging advertising content that drives business growth and success.

The diversity and depth of the advertising industry based in Oak Park are truly impressive. Many of these companies specialize in specific facets of the field, providing highly specialized services to suit their clients’ needs. This article will introduce you to each of these Oak Park-based advertising firms, spotlighting who they are and what they do.

The following companies highlighted in this article are responsible for building the reputation of Oak Park, Illinois, as a hotbed for advertising innovation. These businesses’ success is a testament to the strength and potential of Oak Park as an advertising and marketing hub in the United States.

Shaker Recruitment Marketing

Having its roots planted for the past 67 years, Shaker Recruitment Marketing has emerged as a leader in providing customized solutions for attracting and retaining the right talent. Their work involves creating authentic employer branding, exceptional creative, and innovative digital experiences. You can follow their work on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources is a prominent name in the advertising and mobile marketing industry in Oak Park. You can check their latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Croshal Entertainment Group

Operating in the advertising, management consulting, media and entertainment, and music sector in Oak Park, Croshal Entertainment Group has carved a niche for itself. Stay connected with this firm on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Specializing in advertising, animation, marketing and running a creative agency, BannerWave is making significant contributions in these fields. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to know more about their work.

SEO Logic

Providing top-notch services in advertising, internet marketing, semantic search, and web designing since 1996, SEO Logic has a proven track record for ranking websites at the top in natural search. You can find more about their services on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Dixon|James Communications

Dixon|James Communications has marked its presence in the advertising, brand marketing, consulting, digital marketing, and web development sectors in Oak Park. Follow their latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Statement Communications

Known for its expertise in advertising, marketing, personal branding, SEO, web design, and web development, Statement Communications is a company delivering quality services in Oak Park. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Video Brewery

Crafting custom online videos for businesses, Video Brewery is a name synonymous with engaging internet video content. You can browse their work on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Perry S Marshall and Associates

From advertising to email marketing, Perry S Marshall and Associates are known for their expertise and quality services. Check out their latest updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

MIR Internet Marketing

MIR Internet Marketing is known for providing creative solutions that drive success in the fields of advertising, apps, creative agency, internet, marketing, web design, and web development in Oak Park. You can follow their work on Facebook.

Oxford Hill Partners

Offering services in advertising, brand marketing, consulting, digital marketing, and marketing, Oxford Hill Partners is making a significant impact in Oak Park’s advertising industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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