Odessa’s Advancement: Spotlight on Ukraine’s Advertising Industry Titans

In Odessa, Odes’ka Oblast’, Ukraine – a place known for its rich culture, history, and vibrant growth – boasts a dynamic advertising industry comprised of accomplished companies that impact markets worldwide. This article sheds light on some of these industry players who operate in the spheres of advertising, marketing, and network security, contributing significantly to Ukraine’s burgeoning digital economy. Each of these firms has imprinted a remarkable footprint in the advertising landscape, and their expertise range from SEO to Web Design to Network Security.

These Odessa-based companies present the essence of modern-day Advertising, blending traditional principles with novel ideas and methods. Often, they leverage cutting-edge technologies and out-of-the-box strategies to provide their clientele with unparalleled results. Today, we delve into the profiles of the following companies: ClickGanic, Arounda, SEOquick, AutoAwards, 4Limes, Inweb, AVE Idea, Mestikon Digital Agency, Byzantium, OdesSeo, and Chapps.

A common strand among all these firms is their dedication to creative, result-oriented, and innovative solutions. This select elite group of companies continues to transform the Odessa Ad industry, prompting a closer look at each one.


Founded by Eugene Kukharchuk and Svyatoslav Klyuchev, ClickGanic is industry leaders in Advertising, Marketing, and Network Security. They provide a unique service that allows bloggers and social media page owners to monetize 100% of their traffic without the need for spam links or ads. By using their platform, content creators can generate income effortlessly, allowing them to focus on creating quality content. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


At the helm of Arounda is Vlad Gavriluk. The company sits at the crossroad of Advertising, Professional Services, UX Design, and Web Design, creating and evolving innovative mobile and web apps, marketing websites, and brand identities for startups and enterprises through strategy, UX/UI design, development, and branding. You can find Arounda on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Journey through the realms of Advertising, Content, Marketing, and SEO with SEOquick. The company leverages cutting-edge SEO techniques to rank businesses higher, increase their online visibility, and boost their organic traffic. SEOquick can be reached via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


AutoAwards takes a unique approach towards Advertising and Marketing, working mainly within the automobile industry. Follow AutoAwards on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.


4Limes is a full-service advertising agency offering a suite of services in Advertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Web Development. Get in touch with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Led by Artem Borodatyuk, Inweb excels in Advertising, Marketing, and SEO, providing a range of digital marketing solutions to help businesses attract, engage and convert their target customers. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn page for more details.

AVE Idea

Stepping into the realms of Advertising, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Web Design is AVE Idea. They stand out for their innovative approaches to online marketing. Feel free to engage with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Mestikon Digital Agency

As a premier online agency from Ukraine, Mestikon Digital Agency is a key player in the Advertising, Online Portals, and Web Design industry.


Byzantium operates in the spheres of Advertising, Marketing, and Real Estate, delivering top-tier advertising solutions that generate results. You can connect with Byzantium on their Facebook page.


Specializing in Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Web Development, OdesSeo stands out for their comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions. Keep up with their latest offerings on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Last, but not least, founded by Dmitry Chuta, Chapps is a dynamic firm offering services in Advertising, Consulting, iOS, Marketing, Product Design, and Software. They devise their own innovative digital products and assist clients in successfully creating their own product. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, this group of distinguished companies are undeniably redefining the digital landscape of Odessa, Ukraine. Each company, with its distinct approach and innovative strategies, contributes significantly to the global commercial scene. This spectrum of top-tier firms truly epitomizes the vibrant business and entrepreneurial spirit of Odessa.

Written by Mark Smith

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