Polish Powerhouses: Spotlighting Gliwice’s Advertising Industry Pioneers

In the vibrant industrial city of Gliwice, companies from a wide range of sectors are shaping the business landscape. Specifically, the advertising industry offers a dynamic blend of creativity, technology, and marketing savvy. Several noteworthy companies are embedded in this sector and are earning recognition both locally and internationally for their innovative approaches to advertising. This feature will delve into the profiles of some key players in this thriving industry in Gliwice.

These companies incorporate a variety of elements such as digital marketing, content marketing, outdoors advertising, and more. They leverage the most advanced techniques in the industry to deliver efficient results, and provide their clients with inventive, influential, and impactful advertising solutions. Their reach spans not only Poland but numerous international markets as well.

Although each company presents unique offerings, they all share a few common characteristics. They are all based in Gliwice, a city renowned for its economic vitality and business-friendly climate. Despite being located in the same geographical area, these companies have diverse customer bases, business models, and value propositions. Here is an in-depth look at these companies.


Landingi, an innovative digital solution enterprise, was founded by Błażej Abel. This company works diligently in the intersection of advertising, digital marketing, lead generation, SaaS, and web design. Landingi serves as a one-stop shop for creating effective landing pages for marketing campaigns without the requirement for expert knowledge or the use of multiple tools. With its intuitive editor, a variety of templates, and numerous integrations with other apps, Landingi is able to serve small companies looking for cost-effective solutions and e-marketing experts who seek to facilitate their work. Visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Opinion is a notable name in the advertising sector known for its services in outdoor advertising and printing. The company leverages its deep knowledge and technical proficiency to create tactile and impactful ads that help brands leave a lingering impression on their target audience.


TESTIMO excels in the areas of advertising, content marketing, Google, SEO, and social media. This company draws on its understanding and expertise of online platform algorithms to help brands rank well in search engine results and enjoy increased engagement on social channels. Visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Agencja Reklamy Fux

Agencja Reklamy Fux, a company operating in advertising, graphic design, information technology, printing, and social media, capitalizes on its extensive experience in crafting print and digital ads that effectively deliver a brand’s message. Check out their website, Facebook and LinkedIn


A3 Producent Flag

A3 Producent Flag specializes in advertising, graphic design, and printing, with a particular focus on designing and producing flags that help brands get noticed. Visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Grupataka Marketing Agency

Grupataka Marketing Agency operates in the advertising and graphic design sector, offering a comprehensive range of marketing services that enable brands to connect effectively with their target consumers. Visit their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Holbox Poland

Holbox Poland offers innovative advertising solutions alongside its manufacturing, marketing, and packaging services. The company’s innovative approaches have seen it serve some of the most prestigious brands in Poland. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook.


RankHouse, a company specializing in advertising, information technology, and SEO, helps brands develop strategies and implement plans to improve their online visibility and ranking. Visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more information.

Written by Mark Smith

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