Prominent Advertising Firms Making Waves in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Welcome to our ongoing series focused on the exciting world of advertising. In this feature, we take a tour of the epicenter of German innovation: Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Home to numerous companies operating in the advertising industry, Cologne is indeed a hub for creativity, innovation, and strategic marketing. From startups that disrupt the retail scene to established agencies specializing in personal branding, the advertising ecosystem in Cologne is dynamic and vibrant. Below we highlight some unique companies that have carved out their niches in the industry, and we invite you to explore their impressive contributions.

Before delving into the essence and brilliance of each company, it is important to understand why the industry’s heart beats in Cologne. This city is not only Germany’s fourth-largest but also one of the oldest. With its rich history, diverse culture, and thriving economy, Cologne has become a hotbed for entrepreneurship and innovation. The close proximity to several prestigious universities and research institutions also feeds the city’s innovative spirit, making it a magnet for creative minds and enterprising spirits. At its core, advertising is about communication, creativity, and a profound understanding of consumer behavior – all aspects prominently represented in Cologne’s culture.

Let’s now uncover the stories of the featured companies in Cologne’s advertising landscape. Each one represents a unique approach to advertising, showcasing the range, depth, and diverse functionality of the advertising industry in Cologne. Not only are their services essential to their immediate clients, but these companies also contribute directly to the overall economic vitality of the city. Read on and learn more about these impressive companies defining the industry, shaping trends, and driving innovation.


Founded by Martin Bressem, _blaenk is a leading Omnichannel RetailTech startup in Europe. Known for its flagship offering _blaenk os (omnichannel system), it seamlessly intertwines online and physical commerce by allowing brands to run coordinated campaigns across digital and physical channels, generating awareness, consumer data, and sales. They have also received recognition and press from Forbes, Handelsblatt, among others. Follow _blaenk on LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest endeavors in the e-commerce and marketing sectors.

Social Trademark

With founders Ibrahim Evsan and Till Zier at the helm, Social Trademark stands as a leader in personal branding. The agency leverages social media platforms to position corporations and their leaders as industry forerunners in the digital world. You can keep in touch with Social Trademark through their LinkedIn, Facebook and @socialtrademark Twitter handle.

Ströer Media

Ströer Media, initiated by Udo Müller, offers cutting-edge Out-of-home and online communication solutions for advertisers. Stay acquainted with their latest updates on Facebook, @stroeermedia on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Speekly GmbH

Founded by Koray Alic, Marius Beckers, Nanosch Adams, and Nico Schneider, Speekly GmbH operates within the advertising, content creators, and social media marketing fields. Stay connected by following Speekly on LinkedIn.


Co-started by Axel Schmiegelow, Tamer Kulmac, and Thomas Bachem, sevenload is a social media network for WebTV, videos, and photos, featuring premium-tv-shows, global social media platforms, and exclusive internet shows in 20+ languages. As part of their business, they offer customized software solutions for Web 2.0 apps as well as video player and uploading tech for third-party companies. Stay in the loop with sevenload on @sevenload on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Under the initiative of founder Joachim Vranken, Kalaydo serves as a classifieds platform connecting users with a plethora of categories. Follow them on @kalaydo on Twitter and Facebook.


Specializing in creating mobile applications compatible with iPad and iPhone, Antwerpes Ag is an advertising platform that fits the digital era. Stay up-to-date with their latest work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Famobi, founded by Ilker Aydin, works in the sphere of HTML5 gaming content for mobile and web browsers and creates revenue opportunities for developers and publishers. Keep pace with their latest experiments on Facebook and through @Famobize on Twitter.


Whether you need a gardener or someone to install laminate flooring, is your go-to platform. Going above and beyond a traditional search engine, Blauarbeit enables users to seek service providers at their prescribed rate. Stay connected on Facebook and @blauarbeit on Twitter.


Doccheck dabbles in advertising, CRM, E-Commerce, and healthcare marketing. They can be followed on Facebook and through @intent/follow?screen_name=doccheck on Twitter.


Established by Christian Zimmermann and Rüdiger Maeßen, Uniplan specializes in advertising, CRM, marketing, product design, and web design. Keep an eye on their latest projects on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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