Prominent Northwich-Based Advertising Firms: Innovating the Shopping Business Landscape


Welcome to our comprehensive walkthrough of the Advertising industry’s vibrant scene in Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom. The following companies embody high standards while fostering innovation and creativity in different areas of their craft. These include brand marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, web design, and more. We’ll explore each of the companies in-depth, providing an overview and key information about their operations.

Despite being rooted in a non-metropolitan area, these companies are making their mark on a global scale, demonstrating the scaling power of the digital age. From agencies specialising in digital marketing to freelancers providing SEO services, businesses and creatives worldwide seek their expertise from this quiet corner of the UK.

These companies leverage cutting-edge trends and technologies to serve their clients, providing creative solutions tailored to the digital landscape. Here are some of the finest companies making a significant contribution to the industry today.


Launched by Nick Simpson and Simon Nadin, Acrylic specialises in advertising, brand marketing, and digital marketing. Find more about them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow their @acrylicdigital Twitter account.

Cheshire Cat Marketing

Co-founded by Darren Fiander, Cheshire Cat Marketing serves as an expert in multiple domains, including advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, and marketing. Visit their Facebook page and follow them on @Cat_Marketing on Twitter for more.

Anvil Consulting

Anvil Consulting, an agency focusing on printing, design, digital media, campaign development, and media management, is committed to delivering excellent results. They cater to clients from start-ups to global brands. Check their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @consultinganvil Twitter account for updates.

Stuart Halliwell | Digital Freelancer

Having more than 14 years of graphic design experience, Stuart Halliwell demonstrates a true passion for creative design, technology, and digital marketing. Visit his Facebook page, LinkedIn, and follow him on @SMDigital01 on Twitter for more insights.


Engaging in advertising and social media advertising, SocialTap is another reputable company from Northwich. Visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn for more information.

D X Digital

D X Digital works proficiently in the areas of advertising, digital marketing, digital media, and web design. To get more insights about the company, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages and follow them on @dx_digital on Twitter.

T2 Creative Solutions

T2 Creative Solutions inhabits unique terrains including advertising, brand marketing, and packaging services. Visit their website for more details.


Founded by Phil Slorick, Airbase is designed to simplify marketing processes that help businesses increase sales with minimal effort. Visit their Facebook page, LinkedIn, and follow them on @Airbaseagency on Twitter for more.

Founded by Joe Bridgwater-Rowe and Pete Gibbs, is an open edit social business directory operating in the US & UK. Learn more about them on their Facebook page and by following @uhuw on Twitter.

Miltec Digital

Miltec Digital is a competent player in the fields of advertising, digital marketing, and web design. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Next Phase Digital

Experts in advertising, digital marketing, social media, web design, and web development, Next Phase Digital provides a broad range of services. Find more about them on their Facebook page, LinkedIn, or by following them on @NextPhaseUK on Twitter.

It’s clear to see that Northwich is more than just a small town in Cheshire; it’s an influential dot on the digital marketing map, home to a multitude of advertising powerhouses impacting the industry worldwide.


Written by Mark Smith

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