Rockville’s Pioneering Advertising Firms: Transforming the Retail Landscape

Welcome to our series where we showcase the dynamism of the advertising industry in Rockville, Maryland, United States. With this article, we aim to enlighten readers about the local advertising companies that are not only making significant strides in their respective sectors but also shaping the future of commerce. These companies represent various industries including Media and Entertainment, News, Publishing, Internet, Marketing, Video, Brand Marketing, Direct Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, B2B, CRM, Information Technology, Social Media, Management Consulting, Marketing, and Public Relations.

Delving into the business operations, creative strategies, and innovative approaches, these companies offer a diverse range of services and products that elevate the advertising sphere. This article provides an in-depth overview of each company, complete with their individual histories, industries, and contribution to the local and global economy.

So, without further ado, let’s uncover the business of shopping, featuring the esteemed companies that have cemented their foothold in Rockville’s advertising industry.

Access Intelligence

Specializing in the energy, defense, healthcare management, chemical, satellite, aviation, cable, media and public relations markets, Access Intelligence is a prominent advertising company based in Rockville. This b-to-b media and information company caters to a diverse range of clients, creating an impressive portfolio of services and products. Get connected with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms.


Geobeats, Inc. is an award-winning online video network acclaimed for its production and distribution of professional web videos. From prominent media groups to smaller independent companies, Geobeats offers reliable, relevant, and unique content that appeals to both consumers and advertisers. You can find them on their Facebook page and Twitter account.


Founded by Karen Zuckerman, Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group, Inc. (HZDG) is a renowned advertising company specializing in high-impact marketing solutions. They offer a myriad of services including branding, advertising, direct mail, Web and interactive, motion and animation, videos and virtual tours. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Founded by Michael Muncy, Carfeine is a technology company that combines advertising expertise with artificial intelligence to foster meaningful relationships between automotive retailers and buyers. Keep up with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter platforms.


Established by Jay Weintraub, LeadsCon is a transformative conference facilitator focused on online lead generation and performance marketing. It provides technology solutions providers with networking opportunities, bringing together businesses and brands. Connect with them on their Facebook and Twitter platforms.

VIVA Creative

Co-founded by Emily Greene, VIVA Creative is a leading advertising company specializing in social media. Keep updated with their latest on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

RMR & Associates

Founded by Robyn Sachs, RMR & Associates brings years of expertise to the advertising, marketing, and public relations industry. Stay connected with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms.

ABCD & Company

Specializing in advertising, management consulting, and marketing, ABCD & Company is making waves in Rockville’s advertising scene. Get connected with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms.


MoreBusiness is a beacon of innovation in the advertising, marketing, and publishing sector. Stay up-to-date with their offerings on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Washington Talent Agency

Washington Talent Agency excels in the advertising and video industry with its unique offerings. Keep up with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms.

EU Services

EU Services offers expert marketing and advertising services that stand out in Rockville’s bustling business scene. Stay in the loop with them through their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms.

Written by Mark Smith

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