Romanian Advertising Titans: Corporate Spotlight from Oradea, Bihor

In the dynamic city of Oradea, Bihor, Romania a plethora of high-performing enterprises are thriving in the competitive realm of advertising. Each of these companies brings forth their unique strategies, transformative technologies, and innovative approaches, significantly enriching the advertising landscape. With this article, we aim to shine a spotlight on these standout companies, discussing their history, accomplishments, and unique value propositions. The following list offers a comprehensive overview of these companies, detailing the essence of their operations and presenting a snapshot of their digital presence.


Cylex has a notable presence in Advertising, Search Engine, and SEO sectors. This global conglomerate connects millions of customers worldwide via its 36 websites. In operation since 1998, Cylex utilizes its superior search engine optimization techniques to gain better visibility for its clients’ profile pages within the first ten search engine result pages. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide further insights into their endeavors.

GIB Media

Specializing in Advertising and Software, GIB Media, based in Oradea delivers value-additive services to clients. Learn more about their activities and latest updates through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


With operations rooted in Advertising, Consulting, and Consumer Goods, Mediabank, another Oradea-based company, is making waves in the industry. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles for more information and company updates.


Situated in Oradea, Globencer is recognized for exceptional performance in Advertising, Content, and Web Design. They interact with their audience via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Arond Media

Arond Media operates in Advertising, Consulting, Graphic Design, and Marketing, based in Oradea.


MVPR, providing services in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Marketing, is known for their professional services in Oradea. Visit their Facebook for more details.

Reclama Oradea

Reclama Oradea, operating from Oradea, is another player in Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Marketing. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

Wox Marketing

Specializing in Advertising, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web Design, Wox Marketing is another commendable firm based in Oradea. Follow their activities on Facebook.

Studio 157

Operating in Advertising, Graphic Design, Information Technology, and SEO,Studio 157, based in Oradea, is an organization worth taking note of. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Communications Media

Communications Media is an Advertising, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Personal Branding, and Public Relations firm operating from Oradea.


Operating from Oradea, ADvolution makes its mark in the Advertising, Marketing, and Professional Services industries. For further information, check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

These Oradea-based companies have shown remarkable achievements in the advertising industry, distinguishing themselves through their ground-breaking strategies and innovative technological applications. Their efforts have not only impacted their respective industries but have also contributed significantly to the economic growth of Oradea and Romania as a whole.

Written by Mark Smith

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