San Francisco’s Pioneering Advertising Firms Transforming the Shopping Experience


Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘Business of Shopping’ online magazine where we highlight innovative companies operating in the Advertising industry. This article, part of a series, focuses on unique San Francisco, California-based companies. The San Francisco Bay Area, a hub for technological advancements and creative thinking, is home to many groundbreaking advertising enterprises. We will delve into their unique features, the brilliant minds behind them, and how they are revolutionizing advertising.

When exploring these companies, we look at their origins, their founders, and the industry in which they’ve chosen to make a mark. From creating AI-powered advertising solutions to integrating marketing with electric vehicle charging, these San Francisco-based companies exhibit amazing innovation and promising futures. We’ve also provided links to their websites and social media platforms for further reading and networking.

Let’s take a look at the line-up of companies we’re spotlighting today.


Aspire, founded by Anand Kishore, Eric Lam, Shuhan Bao, and Suhaas Prasad, is an influencer marketing platform helping ecommerce brands build and cultivate influential communities. From discovering authentic partners to measuring business impact, Aspire is trusted by over 400 customers including known brands like Glossier and Bombas. Visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more updates.

Volta Charging

Volta Charging, co-founded by Christopher Wendel, Michael Menendez, and Scott Mercer, combines advertising and electric vehicles. The company installs and maintains a network of electric vehicle charging stations funded by sponsor brands. You can learn more about their innovative projects on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.


Founded by Hikari Senju, Omneky uses advanced deep learning to personalize advertising creative across digital channels. Their unique machine learning algorithms analyze designs and messaging that resonate with potential customers, enabling ads most likely to stimulate sales. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Created by Farhad Massoudi and Thomas Ahn Hicks, Tubi is the world’s largest ad-supported video-on-demand service with over 12,000 movies and television shows. It provides fans of films and television programs an easy way to discover new content, completely free. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more updates.


AppsFlyer, started by Oren Kaniel and Reshef Mann, provides advanced measurement, data analytics, engagement, and fraud protection technologies. With its solutions, AppsFlyer empowers thousands of creators and over 10,000 technology partners to create better customer relationships. Stay connected with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Ampush, co-founded by Aniket Shah, Chris Amos, and Jesse Pujji is a company that assists performance marketers to acquire new users, generate sales, and re-engage customers on mobile. Connect with Ampush on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Founded by Jaleh Rezaei and Nikhil Mathew, Mutiny provides personalization website, advertising, and paid media optimization services. Its no-code AI platform helps marketers convert top of funnel demand into revenue without the need for engineers. Check Mutiny on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Coil, founded by Stefan Thomas, offers web content monetization solutions providing an alternative to traditional paid advertisements. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Sojern, founded by William E. Fisher, provides digital marketing solutions for the travel industry. By using artificial intelligence and traveler intent data, Sojern activates multi-channel marketing solutions to drive direct demand. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Writesonic’s AI-powered writing assistant, founded by Samanyou Garg, is used by over 200,000 businesses and individuals to automate their writing tasks. Connect with Writesonic on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Firefly, founded by Kaan Gunay and Onur Kardeşler, is developing the first mobility-based Smart Screens – Smart Cities advertising and data platform. Their unique platform utilizes ride sharing and the gig economy for distribution and scale. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

We invite you to explore these companies and their innovative solutions that are reshaping the way we understand and utilize advertising. Stay tuned for more such articles that highlight the game-changers in various industries.


Written by Mark Smith

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