Showcasing Calabasas’ Premier Advertising Firms: Leaders in Shopping Industry

In the bustling heart of California, within the vibrant city of Calabasas, lies a thriving hub of creative businesses driven by the continually evolving world of advertising. Known for their strategic insight and innovative approaches, these organizations are transforming the landscape of digital marketing, web design, social media management, and an array of other specializations. This article highlights a selection of Calabasas-based companies operating in the advertising industry, exploring the unique contributions each one brings to the field.

These dynamic companies draw from a broad spectrum of expertise, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the distinct challenges presented by today’s diverse markets. From full-funnel marketing to technological services and personal branding, they define and redefine the notions of conventional marketing strategies. With each firm holding their unique promise, they aim to carve a unique niche amidst tough competition while ensuring their clients the best results.

Whether you are seeking to understand the services these companies provide, explore potential partnerships or keep abreast of industry developments, this delve into some of Calabasas’s top advertising industry players offers valuable insights. So, without further ado, let’s dive into profiles of these industry-defining companies.


Plush is a full-service marketing agency driven by its mission to think big and execute smart. They utilize a blend of innovative creative, world-class audience and media buying, and advanced analytics to drive proven results. The firm thrives in creating value for clients by delivering repeatable, proven outcomes, from initial planning to successful execution. Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and catch their latest updates on @plushdigital.

Intrepid Digital

With a key focus on SEM and SEO, Intrepid Digital offers a stellar pathway for businesses looking to increase visibility and steer clear of competition. The solutions offered span across digital advertising, accentuating the importance of adopting a digital-oriented marketing approach. To learn more about their strategy and vision, visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Katalyst Group

Founded by Wendy Doulton, The Katalyst Group offers a well-rounded approach that integrates advertising, consulting, human resources, marketing, and IT. They stand at the cutting edge of innovation, ensuring they serve up beyond-par services in every field they dip a toe in. The team of committed professionals showcases their unmatched passion for finding top talents and ideal candidates for their clients, substantiating their reputation as an exemplar in the industry.

The Sociable Society

Founded by Emily Fonda and Jay Kent-Hume, The Sociable Society aims to redefine personal branding and social media management. They provide an irresistible blend of creativity and strategy, making them the go-to firm for businesses seeking to establish a compelling presence on social media. Explore their social media prowess on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Qualify Digital Labs

At the forefront of the emerging trends in web design and development, Qualify Digital Labs offers solutions that blend creativity with practicality. Their offerings span from retention marketing, data analytics, insights, and branding to e-commerce management and venture capital services. Connect with them through their Facebook page or Linkedin profile for more details.


WOWMI excels in crafting vibrant, results-driven advertising and marketing campaigns that help businesses connect, engage, and grow. They are the harbinger of creative solutions backed with strategic insight, driving meaningful results for clients in the ever-evolving marketing space. Check out their latest campaigns on their Facebook page or connect with them on LinkedIn.

American Marketing Administrators

Delivering on insurance, print media, and marketing, American Marketing Administrators incorporate an unusual blend of capabilities that make them unique. Their distinctive approach is applied to a well-planned advertising strategy, making every campaign they handle effective and memorable. Dig into their offerings via their Facebook page or follow them on @AmerMarkCo for the latest insights and updates.

Captain Marketing

Guiding businesses to the pinnacle of online success is Captain Marketing’s mission. They excel at helping small-to-mid-sized businesses escalate their revenue and profits via savvy online marketing strategies and implementation. Make sure to stay updated with their latest happenings on their Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and on Twitter at @CaptainMarket.


Sizzle excels in combining marketing know-how with sales development strategies. By leveraging their unique blend of sales and advertising expertise, they provide a holistic suite of services that seamlessly integrate to provide sustainable, measurable success. To know more about Sizzle’s services and strategies, do visit their Facebook page or connect with them on LinkedIn.

The Rico Group

The Rico Group offers a unique approach to marketing with expertise in advertisement and web development. They craft custom solutions to help businesses build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. Understand their unique marketing strategies by following their Facebook page and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Hampton Direct

A standout firm in the realm of advertising, brand marketing, and e-commerce, Hampton Direct delivers comprehensive and tangible solutions. Their innovative strategies and uncompromising quality make Hampton Direct a prime choice for businesses seeking to elevate their brand’s visibility and engagement. You can catch their latest updates and product offerings on their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter at @InventHD, or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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