Showcasing Parnell’s Prominent Advertising Firms: Powerhouses of Auckland’s Retail Scene

In the bustling hive of Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand, lies a thriving array of companies lighting up the advertising industry with their remarkable services. From social media marketing and brand promotion to innovative web design and SEO expertise, the businesses in this realm embody a dynamic fusion of creativity, technology and strategic marketing intelligence. This article presents a meticulous rundown of these enterprises operating from the heart of Parnell, delving into the foundational information, bios and web links of each.

Advertising is not just about grabbing the attention of potential consumers but forging a lasting connection that encourages their loyalty and patronage. These businesses have proven their mettle in not just understanding but accurately projecting the evolving palette of consumers’ preferences in today’s digital age. Thus, providing value to both businesses in search of effective advertising solutions and consumers in need of value-added services.

Despite their shared industry, each company dwells in its own unique niche, offering a spectrum of services that collectively cater to virtually any possible demand in the advertising sector. Individually, each company is a dynamic entity designed to effectively meet the specific needs of its clients. Collectively, they paint an enticing portrait of the bustling advertising industry in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand.

The Social Club

The Social Club emerged through the innovative mindsets of Georgia McGillivray, Justin Clark and Sam Stuchbury. It is an online platform facilitating direct interactions between New Zealand’s largest community of social media influencers and various brands and agencies. Proficiently operating in the territories of advertising, brand marketing, online portals and social media marketing, The Social Club is well-poised to update businesses on the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising. Connect with The Social Club on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by tech-entrepreneurs BJ Sveistrup, Gopher is a digital advertising powerhouse specialized in helping SMEs improve their online presence. Operating in New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, it offers a range of services, from directory offerings to Google AdWords and social media marketing. Gopher is a Google Premier Small Business Partner in New Zealand and Indonesia. Keep in touch with Gopher on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


With expertise in advertising, marketing and web design, Netbyte is another fundamental player in the Parnell advertising space. Visit Netbyte on Facebook and LinkedIn

Hyde Group Advertising

Hyde Group Advertising optimizes its services along the lines of advertising, marketing and retail to provide influential solutions. Learn more about Hyde Group Advertising through their LinkedIn page.

One Picture

Providing strategic insights, brand planning and innovation services, One Picture stands tall in the advertising and marketing domain. Stay updated with One Picture via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Energise Mobile LTD

Founded by Mark-Anthony Baker, Energise Mobile LTD combines advertising and consulting in its service delivery. Connect with Energise Mobile LTD through their LinkedIn page.


Among the thriving advertising entities in Parnell is Virtualeyes, a company seasoned in advertising, graphic design and web design. You can interact with Virtualeyes on their LinkedIn page.

Grow NZ Marketing

Grow NZ Marketing operates in the realms of advertising, digital marketing, and SEO, offering tailored services to meet diverse business needs. Stay in touch with Grow NZ Marketing through Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Richard Thompson, D3 specializes in advertising, content marketing, digital media and SEO. Connect with D3 through Facebook and LinkedIn.

SureFire Search Marketing

Operating in the spheres of advertising, internet, and marketing, SureFire Search Marketing is another beacon of the Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand advertising industry. You can connect with SureFire Search Marketing via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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