Showcasing Rijeka’s Leading Advertising Firms: Innovations in Consumer Engagement

The city of Rijeka, nestled within Licko-Senjska, Croatia, is home to a plethora of creative and innovative changemakers who are setting waves in the Advertising industry. This is part of our series in the Business of Shopping magazine, where we delve into details of these companies, unfolding their stories to share with our esteemed readers. Let’s chat about these businesses, their ideas, and the immense impact they’re making in the Advertising arena.

The city’s companies demonstrate an excellent blend of local talent and international perspective with their offering of various services from web design, marketing, brand marketing, public relations, to event management and beyond. They have a unique ability to pivot to meet the needs of an evolving industry. What truly sets these companies apart? Their unwavering desire to push boundaries, digital innovation, creative branding tactics, user-oriented designs, and of course, their diverse portfolio that speaks louder than words.

Unearth the story behind each of these fabulous companies, take a peek into their world, and explore their services. We hope that this virtual tour will show you not just the business side of things but also the heart and soul of these companies; their values, culture, creativity, and above all, an understanding of what makes Rijeka a hotbed for Advertising creativity and innovation.

Novi List

Novi List is well-known for their expertise in advertising, marketing, and online portals. With their roots in Rijeka, Licko-Senjska, they have been quite influential in the advertising industry. For more insights, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Studio conex

Studio conex is an advertising supremo that operates across event management, marketing, and public relations sectors. Discover more about their work on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Web Studio

Web Studio excels in advertising, internet, web apps, and web design. They are unarguably one of the most trusted advertising hubs in Rijeka. Know more about them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Cousin Segetin, Radionica is a renowned name in advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, and web design. In touch with their audience via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Leading the way in advertising, creative agency, events, and web design, Prospekt. Their work and additional details can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Alexander von Ness, Bookcoverpedia has made its mark in advertising, digital media, e-commerce, eBooks, internet, marketplace, and publishing. Watch their progress on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Iconis Digital

Founded by Muamer Mujevic, Iconis Digital is shaking things up in the realms of advertising, apps, lead generation, and mobile apps. With a plethora of services that they offer, their LinkedIn profile is a good place to stay updated.


Specializing in branding, marketing strategies, promotional materials, public relations, and local government research, Makol is an influential player in Rijeka’s ad scene. Get more of their story on LinkedIn.


A leading name in advertising, brand marketing, event promotion, and public relations, Libra has molded its reputation through successful campaigns and projects. Stay updated on their activities through their Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Written by Mark Smith

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