Showcasing Wilmington’s Influential Advertising Industry Giants – A Business Analysis

Wilmington, Delaware — an unexpected epicenter of innovation within the advertising industry. The corporate-friendly laws and tax benefits of setting up shop in Delaware have long attracted businesses, but Wilmington boasts a particular concentration of advertising-focused companies. These organizations are leveraging modern technology to implement clever and creative strategies to reach consumers around the world. From video game streaming to machine learning and every facet of digital marketing, the Wilmington advertising scene is a hub of progress and innovation.

The diversity of these companies is impressive, ranging from game-changers such as Uplify, a software platform for the livestream market, to Markopolo, a complete marketing suite designed to launch targeted ads in seconds, thanks to its AI-powered copy and analytics. Companies such as these are offering novel approaches to advertising, using cutting-edge technology to enhance both the consumer experience and profitability for brands. Today, we will be focusing on several companies in Wilmington that are significantly influencing the advertising industry.

Before we delve into the specifics, it’s worth noting that the Wilmington advertising industry is burgeoning with success stories that offer a peek into the state’s vibrant corporate and entrepreneurial culture. So, without further ado, let’s get to know some of the prominent advertising companies based in Wilmington, Delaware.


tagged in its URL, is an advertising platform that focuses on the livestream market. The company, founded by Andrey Samoylov, Constantine Shishkin, Ilya Pozharsky, and Pasha Medvedev, leverages its software to deliver analytics, ads, and monetization for brands and creators via a widget link. Its openness to integrating third-party services makes it a flexible and adaptable platform for modern creators.


Markopolo is a complete paid marketing suite designed to launch targeted ads swiftly. Its smart features – from generating perfect creative and AI-powered copy to scheduling posts and offering real-time analytics – streamline ad management. Markopolo not only simplifies the ad creation process but also guides users to spend their budgets efficiently thanks to its advanced algorithms.


Roistat, co-founded by Evgeniy Udodov and German Gavrilov, is a marketing automation platform that collects customer information from various sources, compiling it into actionable data. This data allows businesses to allocate their advertising budget more effectively, thus increasing revenues.

Ohana Companies

Chris Quinlan established Ohana Companies as a promotional marketing company and reward fulfillment provider. The company develops innovative brand loyalty solutions for a variety of organizations and sectors, truly encapsulating the spirit of ‘everybody wins’.

Novelty Media

Bringing a novel approach to digital media, Manos Vasilakis’s Novelty Media collaborates with Telcos to produce impactful experiences on mobile devices. Its unique business model innovates how advertisers can reach their audience.

EngageBay Inc.

EngageBay Inc., founded by Sreedhar Ambati, is a cohesive hub for sales, marketing, and customer relationship management. Offering cost-effective and integrated solutions, EngageBay strives to support startups and small businesses with their growth objectives.


SplitMetrics, founded by Eugene Nevgen and Max Kamenkov, provides key analytics and insights to businesses aiming to measure and maximize their conversion rates. The company works with app publishers to improve user acquisition strategies.

Lucky Eight Media

Founded by Alex Brufsky, Ben Jen, Rene Rapp, and Shaan Patel, Lucky Eight Media is a marketing agency specializing in lead generation for insurance coverage. It utilizes various online and offline models to find and nurture potential leads for their clients.


Raghavender Rao Jitta’s Gist offers tools to businesses for marketing, sales, and customer communication. It’s a robust platform that enhances customer experiences across the customer lifecycle.

The Archer Group

Christian Archer’s organization, The Archer Group, operates in the advertising, marketing, and news industry. While the company keeps a low internet profile, it secures a notable spot in the business directory of Wilmington.

Founded by Andrii Kostenko, is a white label URL shortening service that enables businesses to create short links on branded domains, simplifying the URL shortening process greatly.

We hope you enjoyed taking a closer look at the advertising scene brewing in Wilmington, Delaware. Each of these diverse companies brings its unique angle to the industry, revolutionizing how advertising is approached and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with the right idea and the right tools. Stay tuned for more spotlight articles that delve into the dynamic business landscape of various industries and locations.

Written by Mark Smith

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