Spotlight on Barcelona’s Exemplary Advertising Industry Giants

The bustling city of Barcelona, Catalonia in Spain is not just known for its rich art, culture, and history. The city is emerging as a key player in the global advertising industry, brimming with innovative companies that are breaking barriers and leading the way in today’s digital advertising landscape. These companies represent an intersection of technology and advertising, using innovative methods to maximize visibility, track user behavior, foster engagement, and streamline the advertising process for businesses. Let’s take a closer look at some of these Barcelona-based game changers in the advertising industry.


Marfeel is an innovative ad tech company founded by Juan Margenat and Xavi Beumala. Marfeel revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites by analyzing publishers’ unique audiences and their use habits. With strategic partnerships with over 20,000 global ad networks and exchanges, it helps maximize readership levels, engagement, page views, loading time, and ultimately, ad revenue for its clients. The company’s large-scale achievements can be seen in its recognition by Google. Facebook, LinkedIn. is an online platform, created by Andreas von Estorff and Yahya Mardanshahi, which connects models, influencers, photographers, casting directors, agencies, production companies, and brands. Models and new faces can access the industry and apply to castings directly from their website or app. is altering the modeling industry and making it more accessible, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Founded by Juan Antonio Robles, Marc Elena, and Otto Wüst, Adsmurai is a technological solution that handles advertising management on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With its capability to automate and scale advertising campaigns on various platforms, it goes the extra mile in enhancing your Social Ads strategy Facebook, LinkedIn.


Created by Eva Martin, Jonathan Lemberger, and Maria Martin Villaro, Tiendeo is an online platform that compiles and geolocalizes catalogues and weekly ads from major retailers. This solution connects businesses with millions of active consumers via machine learning and geo-profiling technology. Facebook, LinkedIn.


Photoslurp, founded by Ben Heinkel and Eulogi Bordas, is a visual commerce and marketing platform that gathers photos of customers using brands’ products across social networks and makes them ‘shoppable’. By employing Photoslurp’s tools, brands have seen a significant rise in conversion and engagement rates Facebook, LinkedIn.


RocketROI, co-founded by Albert Morcillo, Nacho Rodes, and Pablo Callejon Muzelle, is a digital marketing firm that offers services ranging from business analytics, web development to search & social advertising. With specialized executives competent in digital marketing and data science, the company has established itself as one of the leaders in the digital marketing space LinkedIn.

Befundo, a brainchild of Konstantin Terentiev and Michael Maximilian Sepp, is a multifunctional app that brings different online platforms for property, jobs, and companies together on one website. The brand name stands for ‘Be Found’, catering to an existing need for variety and daily-use items in the market Facebook.


Smadex, established by Jordi de los Pinos, José Ramón Gómez, and Víctor Ruiz is a platform that places targeted ads on mobile devices. With their proprietary Real-Time Bidding engine, Smadex allows access to global audiences while providing valuable user acquisition, retargeting, and awareness for digital advertisers and marketers LinkedIn.


Tappx, developed by Antonio Hervás and Daniel Reina, is an online community for app developers to cross-promote their apps for free by allowing ad exchange among fellow developers. With its model, Tappx allows developers to increase the popularity of their app during the launch phase Facebook, LinkedIn.


Geenapp, founded by Gina Tost, Jaime Ferre, Javier Casares, and Jorge Guelbenzu, is a platform that promotes apps intelligently through a system that congregates all app campaigns. By making these processes more transparent, accessible, and of higher quality, Geenapp is simplifying and optimizing app promotion. Facebook, LinkedIn.


Titbit specializes in video advertising, providing modern marketing solutions. Their tailored approaches help brands navigate the rapidly evolving advertising landscape and reach out to their target audiences more effectively LinkedIn.

In a rapidly digitalizing world, these Barcelona-based firms are proving to be the pioneers in revolutionizing the advertising realm. By providing innovative, technology-led solutions catered to today’s digital user, these companies are helping businesses worldwide to streamline their advertising strategies and maximize their potential.

Written by Mark Smith

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