Spotlight on Bowling Green’s Influential Advertising Industry Leaders

An impressive collection of advertising companies continues to elevate the business profile of Bowling Green, Kentucky. These organizations are not just significant local employers but are having a transformative impact on sectors as diverse as cannabis, marketing, web design, digital signage, and fashion. The following are some of the most innovative and inspiring advertising companies that call Bowling Green, Kentucky home.

These firms vary from well-established industry leaders with a national presence to groundbreaking startups disrupting traditional sectors through harnessing modern technologies. Each one of them is contributing significantly to the vibrant mix of forward-thinking businesses thriving in Bowling Green. Consequently, Kentucky’s third-largest city is fast establishing itself as a dynamic hub of innovation in the advertising industry.

The innovative approaches adopted by Bowling Green’s advertising companies continue to redefine their market sectors, with benefits delivering an economic boost to the wider region. The following are some of the key players in Bowling Green’s advertising scene, together with a brief overview of each, their founders, their websites, and their social media accounts.


Enlighten, founded by Colby McKenzie and Jeremy Jacobs, specializes in targeted POS advertisements, particularly in the cannabis industry. Enlighten’s contributions extend beyond advertising, encompassing the marketing, news, and TV sectors. Connect with Enlighten on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Established by Shawn Rubel, Eezy is a versatile company working in sectors such as web design, content, and event advertising. For more information on Eezy, visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Gerald Printing

Gerald Printing provides numerous advertising solutions such as graphic design, digital marketing, and printing services. They serve a wide range of clientele from large corporations to individuals. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Marketing Services Group

Marketing Services Group, also known as MSGI, is a media services company specializing in telemarketing and fundraising for non-profit and commercial institutions.

Spears Marketing

Serving in the fields of advertising, consulting, and internet marketing, Spears Marketing connects with their audience through various platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Hangout Creative

Hangout Creative boosts businesses with their expertise in advertising, marketing, and web design. Discover more about them on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Signature Signs

With specialties in advertising, digital signage, and product design, Signature Signs stands as an industry leader. Check them out on Facebook.


Explore Yellowberri’s innovative advertising and marketing approach on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

BorgDirect Marketing

An expert in the fields of advertising, consulting, and marketing, BorgDirect Marketing connects with the public through their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Liberty Imaging

Founded by Larry Gerald, Liberty Imaging is an advertising company working in the B2B, fashion, and service industry verticals. Stay updated through their Facebook page.

Bowling Green Printing

Founded by Roger LaPointe, Bowling Green Printing offers advertising services with specialties in graphic design, photography, and print. Check them out on Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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