Spotlight on Buford, Georgia: Pioneers in the Advertising Industry

In the heart of Buford, Georgia, United States, some of the most innovative and forward-thinking Advertising companies have made their home. Famed for their creative approach and strategic expertise in leveraging technology, these companies have diversified their offerings to encompass an array of services across marketing, software, design, and much more. Today, we delve into what makes each of these Buford-based companies unique.

The following companies not only excel in their chosen niche but also continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in their respective industries. Their strategies, services, and customer-centric approach have positioned them as leaders in the advertising industry. These companies are innovating the way we look at advertising, and how businesses connect with their customers.

Whether you’re scouting for a marketing partner, an advertising guru or innovative design agencies, this compilation will guide you into the mesmerizing world of Buford’s finest. Happy exploring!

m2M Strategies

Known for architecting franchise marketing programs that deliver sustainable ROI, m2M Strategies has carved out a niche for itself in the advertising landscape. Using their proprietary franchise marketing technology, m2M Strategies not only automate their programs but specify ROI to a skillful degree. Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter .

FireFly Buys

FireFly Buys is recognized for its comprehensive suite of services ranging from accounts management, advertising, and analytics to customer services, warehousing, and logistics. The company continues to broaden its services by optimizing other aspects of business operations. Facebook |Linkedin |Twitter .


Founded by Fred Axelberd, Displayit operates in the advertising industry, shaping the way businesses present themselves. The company has steadily made its mark in Buford, enhancing its services based on client demand. Facebook |Linkedin |Twitter .

American Hole ‘n One

American Hole ‘n One combines the worlds of advertising, golf, information technology, and sports into a robust business model. The organization has catapulted into the forefront of its respective industries. Facebook |Linkedin |Twitter .

Mighty 8th Media

Mighty 8th Media is a prominent name in advertising, graphic design, and marketing. Its services ranging from branding logo design, graphic design, illustrations to environmental design, and trade shows, the company ensures all client needs are filled. Facebook |Linkedin |Twitter .


Promio, operating in advertising, lead generation, marketing, mobile, and software industries, has revolutionized the retail sectors with its software and mobile applications. The company has digitized the traditional loyalty card system into a modern marketing engine. Facebook |Linkedin |Twitter .

Tag Marketing

Founded by Felipe Lencastre, Tag Marketing is a full-service marketing and advertising agency. They provide diversified services including social media marketing, web designing, video production, broadcasting, and print advertising. Facebook | Linkedin .

Leap Tie

A marketing strategy partner, Leap Tie offers a blend of technology, business processes from website designing to social media and more. They provide an overview of their services, making them a versatile company to choose. Facebook |Linkedin .

Make It Loud

Serving in the industries of advertising, brand marketing, digital marketing, information technology, SEO, and web design, Make It Loud truly lives up to its name. Facebook |Linkedin .

Remedy Films

Remedy Films is a marketing partner that elevates brands through video production, photography, social media management, brand development, and design. Through these services, it enhances brands significantly. Facebook |Linkedin |Twitter .

Red Clay Interactive

Founded by Lance Compton, Red Clay Interactive is an interactive agency where creativity, technology, and strategic marketing blend into business solutions. With a non-conformist approach, the company focuses on conversions, communication, sales, and overall, results. Facebook |Linkedin |Twitter .

Written by Mark Smith

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