Spotlight on Encino’s Advertising Industry: Leading Companies Transforming Shopping Experiences

In the heart of sunny California lies the city of Encino, home to trailblazing companies that operate in the ever-evolving advertising industry. With the rapid growth and evolution of technology, these corporations have hopped on the trend, innovating and implementing groundbreaking strategies in fields like e-commerce, lead generation, mobile advertising, and more. Drawn by a thriving creative scene and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, these companies have established their headquarters in Encino, contributing to the flourishing business landscape.

These transformative organizations, renowned for their exceptional services and innovative approaches to advertising, have strategically positioned themselves within the industry. They continue to redefine conventional marketing strategies, often by utilizing the transformative power of digital channels. From connecting buyers and sellers in real time through groundbreaking platforms to offering innovative marketing solutions, these companies constantly prove why they are at the forefront of the advertising realm.

By leveraging revolutionary technology and their unique capabilities, these companies are not just surviving, they are thriving in the ever-competitive industry. Now, let’s explore some of these companies, their operations, and indivisible impact in the business world.


Starting with LeadsMarket, an amazing tech company founded by Frank Kasimov. They have created a platform where buyers and sellers can find each other in real time, to buy and sell leads, calls, and clicks. This marketplace operates in advertising, e-commerce, and marketing sectors of industry. Truly, a game-changer in the landscape of the online marketplace. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

CBI Marketing Solutions

CBI Marketing Solutions is another industry gem providing advertising, database, lead generation, marketing, and marketing automation solutions. Their ingenious contribution in the delivery of unparalleled marketing solutions is truly noteworthy. Connect with this innovative company on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

ClearLine Mobile

ClearLine Mobile recognizes that mobile and online presence play a major role in modern-day advertising, promotion, and customer acquisition. With their innovative framework, they provide a renewed communication source that seamlessly integrates with existing systems, in addition to a smart customer acquisition and retention process.

Xpedition Media

Xpedition Media is a multi-faceted company operating in the sectors of advertising, brand marketing, content creation, creative agency, events, and film and TV production. Stay connected with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Barons Media

Then we have the veteran Barons Media, offering a dynamic range of ad solutions through their proprietary ad-serving technology, catering to diverse audiences. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.


Founded by Matt Dusig, goZing operates in the advertising, consumer, finance, and marketing sector, establishing a significant footprint in the industry.


Avatarlabs, working diligently in the advertising and marketing industry, can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


ViewNow offers video on demand programming, management, and marketing services. With its built-in programming activation tracking feature and its range of marketing services, ViewNow continues to set a standard for the industry.

Carsey Werner Productions

Established by Marcy Carsey, Carsey Werner Productions operate in the sectors of advertising, agriculture, food and beverage, music, and video. Check them out on their Facebook page.


PodSearch is making a name for itself in the realm of advertising, online portals, and podcasts. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Maize Marketing

Last but certainly not least is Maize Marketing, a full-service agency specializing in corporate and personal branding, public relations, strategic communications, advertising, web development, and new media marketing. They are fervently committed to helping companies build distinctive brands and cultivate relationships. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

These companies, headquartered in Encino, California, represent the epitome of advertising excellence, harnessing technology’s power to reimage traditional marketing strategies in awe-inspiring ways. Join us in celebrating their success and contributions to the dynamic world of advertising.

Written by Mark Smith

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