Spotlight on Faridabad’s Innovators Influencing Indian Advertising Sector

Faridabad, a city in the Indian state of Haryana, is a rapidly growing hub for companies in the advertising industry. Known for its rich history and industrial significance, Faridabad is home to a vibrant and evolving ecosystem of businesses that range from startups to established enterprises. This list delves into the details of some of these notable companies, providing insights into how they are shaping the local and global advertising landscape.

Faridabad’s strength lies in its diversity, with companies operating in sub-sectors such as market research, marketing automation, web development, graphic design, and digital marketing, among others. The convergence of these different spaces within the advertising industry has fostered a multidisciplinary approach to business, driven by innovation and creativity. The companies profiled in this article reflect this diversity, offering a glimpse into how they are leveraging local talent and resources to drive growth and deliver value to their customers.

Whether it’s traditional advertising agencies venturing into online marketing, digital marketing agencies expanding their scope into brand consultancy, or tech-based startups driving disruptive innovation in the sector, all of these ventures are part of Faridabad’s evolving industry landscape. This list includes some of the most significant companies making strides in the field today.

Elofic Industries Limited

Founded by Mohinder Singh Sahni and Vijay Kumar Saharan, Elofic Industries operates in various sectors including advertising, automotive, marketing, and robotics. The company’s online presence extends from its website to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Abranda Studio

Reducing the gap between brands and audiences, Abranda Studio is an independent branding agency founded by Aashita Gupta. The Abranda Studio specializes in a range of marketing services, including brand marketing, graphic design, social media marketing and more. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Zane Marketing

Founded by Swapnil Gupta, Zane Marketing is dedicated to delivering results-oriented advertising and marketing strategies. Find more information on their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn page.

Natasha Kohli

Natasha Kohli is a leading web development agency in Delhi that provides high-quality and mobile-friendly services. Find more about them on their website and catch their latest updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Written by Mark Smith

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