Spotlight on Orange, California: Pioneers in the Advertising Industry

Located at the heart of Orange County, which has fast become one of the primary technology hubs on the West Coast, Orange, California plays home to an eclectic mix of companies breaking new ground in the advertising industry. The small city is fast becoming a hotspot for creative and tech-inspired businesses, many of whom are leveraging cutting-edge technology like virtual reality, voice recognition, and AI to transform the advertising landscape. Their innovation and ingenuity are creating a robust local economy, while bringing new methods and meanings to advertising.

From companies redefining the digital space with social technology to those offering innovative gifting solutions, each of our highlighted companies has a unique story to tell. Their growth and success serve as a testament to the dynamic and flourishing environment for business in Orange. So let us shine a spotlight on these companies that are transforming the advertising industry, one innovative solution at a time.

Below, we present a series of short profiles of companies shaping the advertising industry in Orange. Their stories reveal how they are navigating challenges, setting trends, and creating value for their respective industries.


Spearheaded by Ajay Shah and Randy Shiozaki, TVplus has revolutionized the television and video programming industry by building a groundbreaking platform that offers a rich and interactive experience. TVplus uses audio fingerprinting to sync viewer’s devices to the exact moment within a show, thereby enhancing engagement for viewers and marketers alike.


Co-founded by Mark Deepak, BeamGift is set to revolutionize the digitized gifting/coupon industry with its ingenious solutions. Using Web and native mobile applications, it allows customers to create and share gifts/coupons across social networks, thereby extending marketers’ reach and creating more personalized customer experiences.


RenderSEO specializes in online marketing and search engine optimization, helping companies reach more potential customers, establish their online presence, and strengthen their brand image. The company provides comprehensive SEO services, ensuring businesses dominate search engine results and gain a forte in their niche market.

Quipley, Inc.

Founded by Peter Riggio and Robert M. Springston, Quipley, Inc. has created a unique online platform that helps clients raise funds through a novel cash-back program based on restaurant purchases. This value added approach has helped to differentiate the company within the advertising industry.

Ember Lab

Blending creativity with technology, Ember Lab, offers innovative solutions in the realms of advertising, animation, media and entertainment and video games. Their work inspires audiences and drives engagement, putting them at the forefront of the advertising industry in Orange.

Celebrity Connected

Co-founded by Gene Sheynis, Celebrity Connected leverages the incredible power of celebrity influence to promote visibility and branding of products. By creating unforgettable events attended by Hollywood’s brightest stars, the firm garners unparalleled media exposure for clients, putting them in the spotlight and increasing awareness of their offerings.


360Biz is a full-service consulting and business development firm that has helped countless clients across industries to maximize growth potential. Using a goal-oriented and strategic approach, they lead in the Orange advertising industry by providing customized and effective advertising and marketing solutions.

Ralis Services

Ralis Services is a leading company providing innovative advertising and marketing services. Their offerings are backed by a team of dedicated professionals with extensive industry experience, ensuring every campaign devised is action-oriented and delivers maximum impact.

Grafted Growth

The team of consultants at Grafted Growth helps tech businesses grow with cohesive strategies for email, push notifications, SMS, and in-app messaging campaigns. They understand clients’ business goals and deliver engaging and effective campaigns to reach them.

ARC Media

ARC Media is a pioneering full-service digital agency in Orange, specializing in brand strategy, digital creative, content, and web development. Their bespoke approach ensures that their solutions align with the brand’s mission and vision, thereby paving the way for a stronger online presence.

Appsolutely Media

Appsolutely Media is dedicated to providing comprehensive advertising, marketing, SEO and web design services to its clients. Their expert team goes above and beyond to create seamless, innovative, and engaging solutions that meet the unique needs of every client.

Written by Mark Smith

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