Spotlight on Palo Alto’s Pioneering Innovators in Advertising Industry

As the digital economy expands, businesses everywhere are beginning to appreciate the significance of digital advertising. Some of the most innovative and influential advertising companies in America call Palo Alto, California home, bringing not only economic prosperity but also a powerhouse of creativity and innovation to the region. These pioneering companies span various industries such as gaming, digital media, app marketing, and many more. This article delves into a roster of remarkable advertising companies that are making substantial strides in their respective fields, all headquartered in the lively city of Palo Alto. Let’s take a closer look at each company.


Founded by Jia Shen and Young Lee, PowerCore is an industry leader when it comes to leveraging the power of digital solutions to engage both offline and online brand consumers. They provide Hollywood Brands with an avenue to gain valuable first-party client data, a key tool in today’s advertising landscape. PowerCore operates in industries such as advertising, gaming, information services, information technology, marketing, and software. If you wish to know more about PowerCore, you can follow them on @powercoreio on Twitter, Facebook, or visit their LinkedIn page.

INC 91

Independently published global media and education company, INC 91, champions start-ups and entrepreneurs worldwide. The company, founded by Boris Wertz, Jack Tsao, and Timothy Harris, helps understand the startup ecosystem through data-backed news and analysis. They’ve grown profitable by creating and dissecting real-life case studies rather than theoretical examples. If you would like to know more about the inspiring work INC 91 does, connect with them on @INC91media on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Although much about Ohava remains a mystery, including its founders, it is undeniable that the company has made a significant impact in the fields of advertising, marketing, software, and web development. Ohava’s reputation as a distinguished player in these areas is enough to warrant admiration and curiosity. Find them on @ohavacomputers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded in 2014 by Alex Austin, Dmitri Gaskin, Mada Seghete, and Mike Molinet, Branch focuses in app marketing, mobile advertising, mobile apps, and software. Branch employs deep-linking technology to gain and retain mobile app users. By creating customisable app experiences, they’ve made discovering app content a more streamlined process. Branch is a company worth following. You can keep up to date with their developments on Twitter at @branchmetrics, on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Rembrand, founded by Ahmed Saad, David Wiener, Nikki Heyder, and Omar Tawakol, is slated to revolutionize the creator economy. They are infusing programmatic product placement into the mix, an apparent gamechanger. To find out more about their innovative approach, follow them on Twitter at @getrembrand or jump over to their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Harry Robertson, Mark Ellis, and Phil Crosby, Liftoff has become an industry leader in mobile app marketing and retargeting. The company offers a full-service platform that post-install data to drive actions beyond the install, like subscribing to a service or making a purchase. Follow Liftoff’s latest ventures on Twitter at @liftoffmobile, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


Wurl, co-founded by David Martinez, Sean Doherty, and Sean Doherty, Jr., has become a leading figure in the video streaming industry. The company interconnects over 1200 streaming channels around the world, making it easier for content firms to build, manage, and monetize their ad inventories. To learn more about Wurl, check them out on Twitter @wurlinc or head on over to their LinkedIn page.


Topsort is a relatively new but promising entrant into the advertising frameworks and online marketplaces. Founded in 2021 by Francisco Larrain, Michael Ostrovsky, and Regina Ye, Topsort operates as an auction engine for multi-brand retailers and online marketplaces. You can follow their progress and updates on Twitter at @topsort_inc and on LinkedIn.


Clarisights was founded by Ankur Gupta and Arun Srinivasan to empower performance marketing and growth teams with a user-friendly interface to independently explore and analyze their advert data. By integrating marketing channels and data in a single platform, Clarisights helps firms gain unique insights and make informed decisions. Keep up with Clarisights news on Twitter at @clarisights, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


Olivia, a FinTech startup co-founded by Cristiano Oliveira and Lucas Moraes, merges the realms of digital ads and e-commerce. Olivia acts as a financial assistant that uses artificial intelligence to predict spending patterns and offer ways to optimize financial decisions through its network of eCommerce partners. Connect with Olivia at @OliviaAI_ on Twitter, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.


Founded by Adam Foroughi, Andrew Karam, and John Krystynak, AppLovin has staked its claim as a globally renowned technology platform offering the most integrated set of solutions to app developers. Since 2011, AppLovin has been helping developers market, monetize, analyze, and publish their apps. Get updated about AppLovin by following them on Twitter at @applovin, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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