Spotlight on Pembroke Pines: Florida’s Hub for Innovative Advertising Firms


Florida brims with businesses that help boost its booming economy. One of the cities that hosts a range of thriving businesses from various industries is Pembroke Pines. The city’s modern infrastructure, combined with its strategic location, provides an excellent environment for budding businesses, especially companies operating in the advertising industry. This post highlights ten such companies, shedding light on what they offer, their presence across various social media platforms, and their company history.

Advertising is no doubt an industry where creativity meets technology. Pembroke Pines houses several companies specializing in offering tailored advertising solutions, all sharing a common goal—providing clients with the ultimate solution to increase their outreach, promote their products and services, and in turn, boost their sales. The city provides these companies with a strategic position to cater to both local and international clientele.

Whether it’s digital marketing strategies, creating attractive and user-friendly websites, or offering unique advertising solutions, these companies have etched their names in the industry by proving their capabilities and standing out in their respective fields. Presented below are profiles of these ten outstanding advertising companies based in Pembroke Pines.

5Four Digital

Headquartered in Pembroke Pines, 5Four Digital specializes in digital marketing, leveraging analytics to deliver comprehensive advertising solutions. The company was founded by John D Saunders. Learn more about them through their Twitter (@5fourdigital), Facebook (5Four Digital), and Linkedin (John D Saunders) profiles.

Global Presence

Founded by Jack Hakimian and Jhael Hakimian, Global Presence offers services across advertising, consulting, marketing, and software. To connect with them, visit their Twitter (@globalpresence), Facebook (Global Presence), and Linkedin (Global Presence) profiles.

Berean Group International

Operating in the spheres of advertising, consulting, marketing, and sales, Berean Group International is another Pembroke Pines-based company. Connect with them via their Facebook (Berean Group International) and Linkedin (Berean Group) pages.

Solvis Consulting

Solvis Consulting stands as a pioneer in integrating digital marketing and CRM. The company focuses on the convergence of marketing and technology to develop marketing ecosystems. To learn more about them, reach out on their Twitter (@solvis), Facebook (Solvis Consulting), and Linkedin (Solvis Consulting) profiles.

Ebanks Design Studio

Offering services in advertising, web design, and web development, Ebanks Design Studio is another business making waves on the Pembroke Pines advertising scene. Connect with them on their Twitter (@ebanksdesign), Facebook (Ebanks Design Studio), and Linkedin (Ebanks Design Studio) profiles.

Ideal Mail Solution

Providing advertising and consulting services, Ideal Mail Solution is a go-to company. You can learn more about their services and offerings through their Twitter (@ImsSolution), Facebook (IMSAUTO2016), and Linkedin (Ideal Mail Solution) profiles.

Van Wagner Aerial Media

Specializing in outdoor advertising, Van Wagner Aerial Media has established itself as a notable business in the advertising sector. Be sure to check out their Twitter (@VanWagnerAerial) and Facebook (VanWagnerGroup) profiles to keep up with their latest updates.

Aerial Banners

Aerial Banners is a recognized company in the realm of advertising, brand marketing, and wedding marketing. To stay updated with their service offerings, connect with them on Facebook (AerialBannersUSA) and Linkedin (Aerial Banners).

BizDots Media

BizDots Media, an interactive company owned by Jean Felisme, publishes content-driven, social, blog, and multisite websites. The goal is to provide quality content and help develop startup and small businesses. Connect with them on Twitter (@BizDotsMedia), Facebook (BizDotsMedia), and Linkedin (BizDots Media).

Ve fusion

Ve fusion, a company created by Carlos Garcia, provides services that include responsive web design, WordPress, WooCommerce, e-commerce, mobile, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, and bootstrap. Connect with them on Twitter (@vefusion?), Facebook (VEfusion), and Linkedin (VEfusion). is a company offering services in advertising, graphic design, printing, video, web design, and web development. Visit their website to learn more about their diverse offerings.


Written by Mark Smith

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