Spotlight on San Rafael: Pioneers in California’s Advertising Industry

San Rafael, California, a city known for its beautiful surroundings and rich history, has grown to become a hotbed for thriving businesses in the Advertising Industry. This series aims to highlight those companies, providing insights about their operations, contributions to the industry, and how they leverage advanced technologies to stay on top. A unified focus on innovative marketing strategies, creative brand visibility, and customer engagement strategies has marked these San Rafael businesses as leaders in their respective fields.

The advertising landscape has changed exponentially over the years due to the rise of digital technology. Thus, the featured companies have adapted to the changing landscape by venturing into areas such as Email Marketing, Cloud Computing, Social Media Marketing, Big Data, and more. This dynamic and constantly evolving environment gives the companies a platform to exhibit their innovative approaches and help businesses succeed in today’s digital world.

This feature allows us to appreciate the diversity and creativity of these businesses — from bespoke marketing specialists who offer custom visualization and analytics, to innovative companies focused on the development of unique advertising campaigns. Here is a detailed look at some of these impressive companies headquartered in San Rafael, California.


Founded by Bryan Levenson, Josh Camire, and Kent Langley, Ekho excels in the realm of advertising, analytics, big data, cloud computing, data visualization, and social media by creating digital advertising development platforms that enhance and extend native advertising opportunities for brands. Ekho leverages activated data, providing an array of Sales & Marketing tools across industries. Notably, the Ekho Leaderboard, with customizable EkhoScore, allows brands to rank and promote the people essential to their brand. Connect with Ekho on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @ekhoinc on Twitter.

Email Aptitude

Co-founded by Forest Bronzan, Email Aptitude is a leading, ESP-neutral email agency that offers full-service management and strategy services for many world-renowned brands and budding startups. One of their formidable tools is the Rival Explorer, an email intelligence engine that provides creative email inspiration. Follow Email Aptitude on Twitter and LinkedIn.


As a pioneer in the dental health care industry, chrisad bridges advertising, dental health care, management consulting, marketing, and recruiting. They are socially active and can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Kaleidoscope creates visually captivating digital signage solutions aimed at subtly marketing businesses in their reception areas. They can be reached through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Intrepid Creative

Intrepid Creative provides a comprehensive suite of marketing services, including strategy, identity design, digital media, social media, video production, and more. Discover more about Intrepid Creative on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.


Specializing in outdoor advertising and consumer goods, LookOurWay creates eye-catching promotional materials to attract attention to businesses. Join their community on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


A key player in advertising, e-commerce, and marketing, Emoro makes gift giving a memorable experience with their beautifully crafted and personalized products.


GrowMojo specializes in advertising and marketing, helping businesses grow sustainably. Get more information about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


A leader in direct marketing and printing, CohereOne provides businesses with strategic planning, campaign execution, print, and digital integration, alongside comprehensive analytics. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information.

Indigo Films

Indigo Films spans various sectors like advertising, broadcasting, marketing, news, and video, creating engaging and appealing content that resonates with audiences. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @indigofilms on Twitter.

Ace Printing and Mailing Services

Focusing on advertising, graphic design, marketing, and printing, Ace Printing and Mailing Services offers top-notch services to ensure businesses get the visibility they need. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, San Rafael has become a hub of some of the most innovative companies in the advertising industry. The city has a reputation for fostering growth and inciting brilliant offerings in the field. Stay tuned for more introductions to established companies based in this sector, within this beautiful city.

Written by Mark Smith

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