Spotlight on Santa Clarita: Pioneering Advertising Firms Based in SoCal

In the bustling city of Santa Clarita, California, a number of dynamic companies are making a mark in the Advertising industry. This thriving city-centric hub has become a magnet for businesses that are constantly evolving and pushing boundaries to offer ground-breaking solutions and services. In this series, we delve into the unique profiles of companies headquartered in the region, exploring their origins and contributions to their respective industries.

We begin with eleven key players in the realm of advertising, each with their unique strengths and contributions. These companies are instrumental to the city’s rapidly growing business ecosystem, offering innovative services in Advertising, Business Intelligence, CRM, Google Glass, Lead Generation, Location Based Services, Professional Networking, and Social Media. Some deliver insightful digital marketing strategies, while others excel in designing engaging social media campaigns, impactful web designs and online portals.

The city’s corporate landscape is rife with prospering businesses that are redefining the rules and creating new pathways for success. We examine each company, their founders, bio, services, and their digital presence. Step into the world of these Santa Clarita based companies that are playing a key role in shaping the future of advertising.


Founded by Bill Jula and Janis Krums, Opportunity is a uniquely driven business network powered by real-time interactions and opportunities. They use a scientific approach to match professionals based on real business opportunities, proving a vital resource for finding sales leads, job opportunities, and job candidates. Their digital presence is prominent with active profiles on @opportunity, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Gem Digital Agency

Helmed by Vitaliy Gnezdilov, Gem Digital Agency excels in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Online Portals, Social Media, and Web Design. They connect with their audience on Twitter @brandingawesome.

Connects Marketing Group

Founded by Robin Koeller and Thijs Menzel, Connects Marketing Group combines brilliant ideas, great communication skills and business savvy. They go beyond B2B lead generation, partnering with clients to identify new business opportunities and establish high-quality relationships. Their presence on @connectsmktg, Facebook and LinkedIn are testament to their digital savvy.

C. Sanders Emblems

C. Sanders Emblems provides advertising services that enhance brand awareness, celebrate events, enrich lives through recognition and more. You can find more about them and their products on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Version-X Design

Version-X Design offers Advertising, Brand Marketing, Professional Services, Web Design services. Engage with Version-X Design on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to witness how they are creating ripples in the advertising and design world.

Small Dog Creative

Small Dog Creative operates within the Advertising, Digital Marketing, IT, and Web Development sectors. Connect and engage with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


Founded by Marcela DeVivo, Gryffin is making a mark in the Advertising, Internet industry. They are active on @getgryffin, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Hollywood Animals

Hollywood Animals Inc. is a fully insured and licensed exhibitor in the advertising industry.

The Watters Group

The Watters Group has assisted businesses with online marketing and web presence. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Brook Advertising and Public Relations

Specialising in Advertising, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Web Development services, Brook Advertising and Public Relations brings many decades of experience to the table.

Point of View Communications

Point of View Communications operates in the Advertising, Creative Agency, Marketing, and Public Relations sectors. They are quite visible on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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