Swiss Advertising Titans: Exploring Baar Zug’s Advertising Industry Giants

Welcome to the Business of Shopping, your one-stop portal for everything that’s hot and happening in the world of advertising. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on companies from another corner of the world – Baar, a charming town in the canton of Zug, Switzerland. Home to a multitude of industries, it is particularly known for being a creative hub for numerous advertising companies. Let’s delve deep into the profiles of these organisations, which are making great strides in the global advertising landscape.

Baar carries an unforeseen weight in the industry, housing advertising giants, startup darlings, and all in between. This fascinating cluster of innovation is shaping the advertising industry, not just in Switzerland, but across the globe. From the digital mastery of Adfocus to more traditional umbrella services of Monto Werbeagentur, this rich tapestry of enterprises is truly diverse. Let’s get to know these companies a bit more!

Today, we’ll be spotlighting ten such businesses, each with a unique story to tell. These businesses vary in their scope, focus, and offerings but they all achieve excellence in their own right. So, without further ado, let’s delve in!


Adfocus operates and develops online websites that essential for advertising business brands. Providing companies with a plethora of digital services, this establishment is a gateway for enterprises to connect with colleagues and clients. The company is headquartered in Baar. Check out their LinkedIn here.


Guidle is an advertising enterprise with Roger Wechsler at its forefront. It specialises in ad network, advertising, content delivery network, and publishing. Follow them on both their Facebook page and LinkedIn page for more updates.

GLA United

With a special knack for advertising, brand marketing, and sports, GLA United is a game changer in the industry. Follow them on their social platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more.

Monto Werbeagentur

Monto Werbeagentur illuminates the industry of advertising, graphic design, and marketing from Baar. For more information, do visit their website.


Founded by Michael Fischer, Adcom ventures into the domains of advertising, consulting, and marketing. Keep up with them through their various channels Facebook and LinkedIn.

Medienart Solutions

Delving into advertising, advice, and marketing, Medienart Solutions is a proud representative of Baar. Find out more by visiting their official site.


As a fervid player in advertising, database, and publishing, ShareMedia has a significant presence in Baar. Find out more details about ShareMedia over on their website.

Noventis viscom

Creating a niche in advertising, parking, and windows, Noventis Viscom brings in a unique element to this list. For anyone interested, their Facebook page provides more insight.

Comma Factory

The Comma Factory operates within the realms of advertising, marketing, public relations, and publishing. Find out more on their website.

i-d. Medien

Nestled in Baar is i-d. Medien which shines in advertising, brand marketing, and graphic design. Stay connected with them via their Facebook Page.

b public

Bringing this comprehensive list to a close is b public. They majorly focus on advertising and content marketing. To gain further insight into b public, you may visit their website.

Written by Mark Smith

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