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Top 8 Sports Startups

Top 8 Sports Startups

The startup competition under the auspices of the WFS is being held for the fifth time. The aim of the competition is to find the best sportech projects and start-ups with innovative solutions that can have an impact on the sports industry. More than 90 applications from 30 countries were submitted to participate in WFSStartup, of which the jury selected 16 semi-finalists who had the opportunity to present their project to the expert jury and the legendary Brazilian Ronaldo.

On July 9, the top eight teams were selected: 4D Sight (USA), BBox Sports (Netherlands), Beyond Sports BV (Netherlands), IDOVEN (Spain), (France), iSPORTiSTiCS (Brazil), Pico-Get Personal (Israel) ) and Sport Buff (UK).

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Football field on your coffee table

The work of the teams is focused on providing solutions for football projects for interacting with fans using artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.

4D Sight (USA) is an American team that specializes in the creation and release of digital advertising. With the help of special graphic programs, advertising banners are created and projected. This technology was popular and actively used in the monetization of e-sports, with the advent of a pandemic and empty stands, these technologies found a response in football.

BBox Sports (Netherlands) – a startup from the Netherlands specializes not only in gift boxes for your favorite team, but also in augmented reality, using their application you can take a photo with a virtual player of your favorite team, as well as play your favorite game with him.

Beyond Sports BV (Netherlands) offers virtual reality and technology that allows the viewer to be inside the match. Thanks to artificial intelligence and data on the movement of players, it becomes possible to look at the game through the eyes of a football player, and, for example, replay a dangerous or scoring chance.

IDOVEN (Spain) is a medical startup aimed at diagnosing and identifying heart problems at an early stage. With the help of modern technologies, it monitors the health of the athlete during training. (France) – virtual and augmented reality technologies allow you to feel like a footballer and, for example, go through goalkeeper training and feel like a football star, with crowded stands. Allows you to play statistics in real time, or create a model of a football field right on the coffee table.

iSPORTiSTiCS (Brazil) is a platform created for visual statistics and analysis of matches, using the widgets of this startup, you can see the speed of the player and the flight of the ball in real time.

Pico-Get Personal (Israel) allows you to identify your fans and follow the entire path of the client from getting to know the club or event, to becoming a loyal fan, and also provides a personalized platform for fans to communicate with each other.

Sport Buff (UK) is reimagining the way we watch a match. For example, you watch a match on your smartphone and can choose the best player of the match without looking up from the game, the results also instantly appear on the screen. Viewers feel part of the show, stay engaged longer, and come back.

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